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Beer Factory: How to Use the Bottling Machinery



Beer Factory - Use Bottling Machinery

Producing the beer in the factory requires a series of steps to be completed with every step requiring the usage of a certain machinery. One of the machines required to be used in one of the final steps is the Bottling Machinery which is used to fill the Brewed beer in the empty bottles and pack them in the boxes.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to use the Bottling Machinery in Beer Factory.

How to Use the Bottling Machinery in Beer Factory

The Bottling Machinery is the main machine in the Bottling Room that players will get to use once they have unlocked the Bottling Room. It is the third extension of the factory that players will get to unlock in the mid-game. The Bottling Room has 2 Bottling Machines ready to be managed but they require the empty bottles as a required item to fill the stored brew.

Once all has been set up, interact with the screen of the bottling machinery to start managing it. To operate the machine, you need to first select the brewed beer recipe. Select the Production Settings and then select Storage to view the Brew Tanks with the stored beer recipes. Select the stored beer that you wish to fill in the empty bottles and then select the ‘Validate’ option.

Now, go back and select the ‘Launch’ option to run the machine and let it fill the empty bottles and pack them. The machine will run on its own but it does require empty bottles from time to time. You can also assign a worker to the Bottling Machinery as well to keep putting the empty bottles.

Once the stored brew has been filled in the bottles, interact with the screen again and select the ‘Stop’ option to stop the machine. You can turn ON the machine in the same steps as well as change the filling of stored brew in the bottles.

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