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Beer Factory: How to Use the Crane at the Docks



Beer Factory - Use Crane

Running a successful Beer Factory involves a series of steps including producing the beer and selling it in the Global Market. The Global Market is the main hub for getting various items as well as exporting merchandise in large quantities. To handle large quantities of items or merchandise, it is essential to use the crane as it is a lot faster than using a Forklift.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to use the crane at the Docks in the Beer Factory.

How to Use the Crane in the Beer Factory

Global Market plays a crucial role in both selling your Merchandise as well as providing you with various essential resources and ingredients that are required for brewing beer. Unlike regular delivery trucks, doing business in the Global Market requires a dock through which players can import and export all sorts of essential items using the Crane.

The Crane is operated from the first computer inside the Dock’s office. Interact with the computer to start operating the Crane and use the movement keys to move the crane. You can increase the speed of the crane using the Mouse Wheel. Move the hook over to the pallet and press the Q button to lower the hook. Once the hook is on top of the pallet, press the F button to attach the hook to the pallet.

Now, raise the hook by pressing the E button and then move it over to the truck to place the pallet by lowering it and detaching it. Alongside loading the truck with pallets, you can also unload the trucks with items that you ordered from the Global Market. Apart from managing the crane by yourself, you can also assign a high-level worker to control the crane to load and unload the trucks.

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