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Beer Factory: How to Brew Beer



Beer Factory - Brew Beer

Running a Beer Factory requires a lot of work and attention to every production line and one of the most essential ones is Brewing. It is where you get to brew your beer recipe in the factory with all the required resources.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to brew beer in Beer Factory.

How to Brew Beer in Beer Factory

Brewing a beer recipe will require the respective ingredients and resources for the recipe that you like to brew but before all of that, it is crucial for you to have a Brewery Extension and a Brew Tank. Upon unlocking the Brewery Extension and the Brew Tank, you need to order water as it is the main resource in Brewing a recipe.

Once you have the necessary items and resources, go to the computer in the factory’s office and interact with it. Navigate to the Brewery and select the Start option to move to the recipe you want to brew. Set the desired quantity of the recipe and then select the ‘Launch’ option to initiate the Brew Tank for brewing.

The water will start filling in the Brew Tank as per request to the desired quantity and once it is filled, you need to add the rest of the resources from the top of the Brew Tank. All the essential resources for making a beer are Crushed Malt, Hop, and Yeast along with any additional Herbs.

Upon adding all the required resources, you will have to wait for the estimated amount of time for the Brew to finish. Once the Brewing process is over, you can transport the brew to the bottling machine to fill it in the bottles.

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