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Beer Factory: How to Order Water



Beer Factory - Order Water

Brewing your special beers in the Beer Factory will require several resources and one of the crucial resources for brewing is water. Water is needed in high quantity mostly dependent on the quantity of beer you want to brew. A Brew Tank can hold up to 1000L of liquid and it is best to keep it filled up with water and add respective ingredients for making a certain type of beer.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to order water in the Beer Factory.

How to Order Water in Beer Factory

Water is ordered from the Water Company using the computer in the factory’s office. Go and interact with the computer in the office and navigate to the Brewery tab. The Brewery tab is only available after unlocking the Brewery Extension so, make sure that you have unlocked it. Select the Tanks section in the Brewery Tab and set the water quantity that you like to order from the Water Company.

Use the slider on the water quantity to set it and then select the Order to place the order for the water. Wait for a few moments for the truck to arrive on the side of the water tank of the factory. The Water Tank is located behind the factory’s office and you can reach it by going through the alley on the side of the factory or the back area of the factory.

Once there, interact with the water line behind the water truck and then interact with the tap of the water tank. It will start filling the water in the water tank. Once the water has been transferred to the water tank, interact with the pipe to disengage it and the water truck will leave.

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