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Beer Factory: How to Create Beer Recipes



Beer Factory - Create Beer Recipes

Beer Factory is a business simulation game where you take the role of running an old beer factory by ordering various ingredients, refining them in the factory using machinery, brewing the beer, and selling it. It allows players to brew various types of beers along with custom beer recipes. All the custom beer recipes should be made before brewing them in a Brew Tank.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to create Beer Recipes in Beer Factory.

How to Create Beer Recipes in Beer Factory

Creating the Beer Recipes is one of the essential features of Beer Factory that players will get to unlock once they have unlocked the Brewery Extension and placed down a Brew Tank. To create a beer recipe, go and interact with the computer in the factory’s office. Navigate to the Recipes section under the Brewery tab and select the ‘Create New Recipe’ option.

It will open the Recipe Editor menu through which players can make new recipes by adjusting the quantity percentage of Malt, Hop, and Yeast, along with adding additional items like Allspice, Anise, Bay leaf, etc. Upon adjusting the percentage of the main ingredients and additional items addition, players can select the brewing quantity of the recipe to get the estimated brewing cost.

There are 3 brewing quantities for all the recipes, 10L, 100L, and 1000L. Selecting a higher brewing quantity will cost more but it is crucial to learn the popularity of the recipe that you create. If the popularity is high then it will sell well and if the popularity is low then it is best to brew less quantity of that recipe. Once you have made the recipe, select the ‘Create’ option to save the recipe.

The Recipe Editor also has the option to create names for the custom recipes and you can enter any name you like into your created recipe. If you don’t like the recipe or the recipe’s popularity, then you can also discard it from the saved recipes and make a new one.

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