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Beer Factory: How to Get a Brew Tank



Beer Factory - Brew Tank

Producing the Beer will require a certain number of steps to be completed with the Brewery being the essential one. It is the step in which you will get to prepare the selected beer recipe in the Brewery. However, before players get to utilize the Brewery Extension and prepare beer, they will have to get a Brew Tank.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get a Brew Tank in Beer Factory.

How to Get a Brew Tank in Beer Factory

Brew Tank is one of the Gameplay Items in the game crucial for the Brewery Extension that can only be built using the Tool Box. Players will be able to equip the Tool Box by purchasing the Tool Desk from the Tool Shop. Upon acquiring the Tool Box, players will have to unlock the Brewery Extension and then go into the Build Mode to buy and place the Brew Tank in the Brewery Extension.

Press the ‘TAB’ key to go into the build mode and purchase the Brew Tank. After that, validate the position of the Brew Tank when it portrays a green highlight by moving around and pressing the F key. Once you have validated the location of the Brew Tank, you cannot change it.

After placing down the Brew Tank, go to any corner to interact with the block to lay out a staircase leading to the top of the brew Tank. Accept a staircase that will allow you to add the ingredients for the beer recipes from the top of the Brew Tank.

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