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Beer Factory: How to Unlock Brewery Extension



Beer Factory - Unlock Brewery Extension

Assembling the Beer requires various steps which are done using the respective machinery and one of the crucial steps is Brewing. Several extensions around the factory need to be unlocked for each step and to start brewing various beer recipes, players will have to unlock the Brewery Extension.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to unlock Brewery Extension in Beer Factory.

How to Unlock Brewery Extension in Beer Factory

The Brewery Room/Extension is the underground extension of the factory that players will get to unlock after unlocking the Grain Crusher and reaching Reputation Level 3. It will require players to complete at least the starting contract, hire a worker, and level him up to assign him to the Grain Crusher Workstation to complete the export of 50 Crushed Malt.

Once players have completed the export, they will have enough money to buy the extension. To buy the Brewery extension, go and interact with the computer in the factory’s office. Navigate to the ‘Construction company’ section under the Upgrades tab and buy the Brewery extension. It will cost you $1,100 and unlock the underground area beneath the factory that can be accessed from multiple paths around the factory.

After unlocking the Brewery extension, you would have to get a Brew Tank to place it inside the Brewery extension to proceed ahead in making your first beer recipe.

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