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Beer Factory: How to Level Up Workers



Beer Factory - Level Up Workers

Alongside opening new opportunities and features for the beer factory by increasing the Reputation Level, it is also essential to increase the level of your hired workers. Not every worker has the caliber to work every kind of machine that is used in the production of the beer that is why you must level them up to assign them to the workstations on which they can work.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to level up workers in Beer Factory.

How to Level Up Workers in Beer Factory

Workers can be hired pretty early in the game by following the main quest line but one of the crucial aspects of managing them is to level them up. Initially, the workers you get to hire will be Level 1 and they will start by cleaning the factory. As they clean the factory, they will gain experience and upon earning 10 Experience Points, they will level up to Level 2 making them eligible to handle the production line of the Grain Crusher machine.

Alternatively, you can level up the workers by giving them a course which will cost you a certain amount of money. To level up them quickly, interact with the worker and select the upgrade option to give them a course. As an example, leveling up a beginner-level worker to Level 2 will cost you $100. Leveling up the workers not only allows them to work at various machines but their overall working speed also increases.

It is only recommended to purchase the courses for the new workers to assign them quickly to the starting workstations in the factory as you assign the old workers to the higher-level workstations. However, if you can’t afford to give them a course then you would have to wait for them to level up manually.

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