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Beer Factory: How to Hire Workers



Beer Factory - Hire Workers

Running a Beer Factory requires a lot of work and attention to every production line. As each production line can take several minutes to complete, it is better to hire workers and assign at least one to every production line while you manage the supplies and resources to increase production speed.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to hire workers in Beer Factory.

How to Hire Workers in Beer Factory

The workers can be hired for $50 each from the Employees tab of the computer in the factory’s office. However, before you get to hire the workers, you will have to first complete the first contract of the game by unlocking the Grain Crusher machine and making your first production export. Doing so will raise the Reputation Level of the factory to Level 3 and it will unlock the Employees tab in the computer.

Go to the factory’s office and interact with the computer to look at the employees that you can hire. Initially, you will be able to hire 2 workers with Level 1. Level 1 workers can only do the cleaning around the factory and as they reach Level 2, you will be able to assign them to the machine to handle the production lines.

Each worker’s salary is $7.5/hour which you can only pay from the Employees tab of the computer. Any left-out wages will be added to the worker’s profile and you will have to pay them even before firing them so, make sure that you are paying the workers on time to have no wage owed to you.

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