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Beer Factory: How to Export Refined Grains



Beer Factory - Export Refined Grains

The production of beer includes numerous stages and one of the initial and essential stages is refining the Malt Grains. Not only they are used for producing beer but also required in high quantities by various contractors. Completing the contracts can help you have a sustainable income along with Reputation Points that are crucial for increasing the Reputation Level. However, completing the contracts will require you to export refined grains in the required quantity from the factory.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to export Refined Grains in the Beer Factory.

How to Export Refined Grains in Beer Factory

Exporting the Refined Grains is the final stage for several contracts that require a certain quantity of specific grain type. Upon refining the grains using the Grain Crusher machine, you need to use the Forklift to place the pallet full of refined grains in the trunk of the pickup vehicle. It is crucial to have a Forklift otherwise, you will not be able to place the pallet full of resources in the trunk.

Once you have the Forklift unlocked, drive it to near the pallet with the resources and lower the forks by pressing the E button. Now, drive the forklift ahead to align the forks beneath the pallet and then press the R button to lock the pallet on the forks. After that, raise the forks by pressing the Q button and drive the Forklift to the back of the pickup vehicle.

The pickup vehicle spawns outside the factory gate upon accepting a contract. Once you have driven the Forklift to the back of the vehicle, raise the forks higher than the trunk and then lower them to detach the pallet. The vehicle will deliver the export once the trunk is filled with one pallet and return to the same spot.

You can also place your production in the trunk of the pickup vehicle to sell it and earn money. It is one of the usual ways to make money when there are no contracts available.

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