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Beer Factory: How to Assign Workers on Workstations



Beer Factory - Assign Workers on Workstations

Making the beer requires a series of steps to be accomplished using the respective machines as each machine requires attention of several minutes to push the production line. Managing the factory alone can be a tedious task but it can be eased by hiring workers and assigning them to major machines.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to assign workers to workstations in Beer Factory.

How to Assign Workers on Workstations in Beer Factory

The Workstations can only be assigned to Level 2 workers by interacting with them. Initially, the workers you get to hire will be Level 1 and as they clean the factory, they will gain experience. Upon earning 10 Experience Points, they will level up automatically to become eligible to handle the production line of a machine. Alternatively, you can level up the workers by giving them a course which will cost you a certain amount of money.

Once you have a worker above Level 1, you can assign an eligible workstation to them by interacting with them and selecting the ‘Assign Workstation’ option. It will open the management mode and allow you to link a block of the selected worker to the block of the workstation. Upon linking the blocks together, the worker will be assigned to the workstation for the rest of the game until you change it by following the same steps.

Once you have assigned the worker to a workstation, press the Tab key to disable the management mode. Make sure to link the pallet slots with the workstations as well because the workers would have to get the resources from the pallet slots otherwise, they will not operate correctly.

Use the management mode by pressing the Tab key to see if the intake of the workstation is connected to a nearby pallet slot and if you have more pallet slots then you can link them to the workstation as well for faster production.

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