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Beer Factory: How to Get Tool Box



Beer Factory - Tool Box

Running a Beer Factory will require a lot of work that can be done using the essential tools. One of the essential tools in the game is the Tool Box which will help you build several crucial items like Storage for various items, Conveyors for various machineries, or designing a Pallet Slot for storing Pallets.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Tool Box in Beer Factory.

How to Get Tool Box in Beer Factory

Tool Box is one of the early tools that players will get by unlocking the Tool Desk. The Tool Desk is the primary tool for the Tool Box and it is purchased from the Tool Shop for $75 upon cleaning the dirty spots around the Factory. The dirty spots are cleaned using the Broom so, make sure that you have unlocked the Broom tool.

Once players have reached Reputation Level 2, the Tool Desk will be unlocked at the Tool Shop which can be accessed from the computer in the factory’s office. Go to the factory’s office and interact with the computer. Navigate to the Tool Shop and purchase the Tool Desk to unlock it.

After unlocking the Tool Desk, it will be placed in the main room of the factory. Go and interact with it to equip yourself with the Tool Box. Tool Box allows players to open the Build Mode by pressing the ‘TAB’ key and purchase the available items to validate and build them anywhere in the factory.

Tool Box can be equipped at any time by pressing the ‘2’ Key and it can be holstered by pressing the same key again or changed by pressing any other tool key.

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