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Beer Factory: How to Unlock Broom



Beer Factory - Unlock Broom

Running a Beer Factory can be a successful business but it is necessary to keep clean your workspace as it can help you earn Reputation Points quickly and grant other advantages. Taking out the trash and garbage from inside and the surroundings of your factory area is essential but also cleaning the dirty spots around the factory. The dirty spots can only be removed using a Broom which is the very first tool that players will get to unlock.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Broom in Beer Factory.

How to Unlock Broom in Beer Factory

The Broom is the first tool that players can unlock by purchasing it from the Tool Shop for $20. The Tool Shop is accessed from your computer in the factory’s office. However, before players get to purchase the Broom, they would first have to fix the Factory Gate. To fix the factory gate, players need to plug the fuse into the fuse box.

The fuse box is located inside the factory beside the factory gate and the fuse can be found on the table inside the factory’s office. Pick up the fuse and place it into the fuse box to fix the gate. As players get to lift the gate, Francis will sabotage inside the factory. Pick and throw the garbage bags on Francis to run him off from the Factory.

Once players have dealt with Francis, they need to raise factory gates and take out any trash bags into the bin. After completing the required objectives, the Broom will unlock at the Tool Shop and players will be able to purchase it. Go to the factory’s office and interact with the computer to purchase the Broom.

Upon unlocking the Broom, players can pick it up from inside the factory and use it by holding the LMB. To holster the Broom in inventory, press the ‘1’ key, and pressing it again will reequip the Broom for usage.

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