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Beer Factory: How to Sprint



Beer Factory - How to Sprint

Beer Factory is a business simulation game where you take the role of running an old beer factory by ordering various ingredients, refining them in the factory using machinery, brewing the beer, and selling it. It is a lot of work and in fact, can be grindy most of the time for which you would have to act fast. To act fast and respond to the factory’s needs quickly, you must know how to sprint.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to sprint in Beer Factory.

How to Sprint in Beer Factory

Unlike most of the simulation games where you can sprint by simply pressing the L-Shift Key or whatever key that you prefer, Beer Factory requires drinking coffee to become eligible to sprint. You can only walk in Beer Factory until you drink coffee that you would have to make yourself in the factory’s office.

Factory’s office is the main room that consists of your computer from which you can do all the essential tasks regarding progression, upgrading tools, and much more. The Coffee Machine is located just right to your computer and it will cost $1 for you to make a cup of coffee. Simply interact with the coffee machine by pressing the F button and let the machine make the coffee.

Once the coffee is ready, pick it up to drink it and a little blur Coffee icon on the top left of the screen next to the Reputation Points will charge up. Now, you can press the L-Shift button to sprint and attend to the needs of the factory swiftly. However, you would have to drink coffee from time to time if you want to keep sprinting as the effect of coffee doesn’t last long.

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