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Beer Factory: How to Build Yeast Storage



Beer Factory - Yeast Storage

Yeast Storage is essential for storing Industrial Yeast both for the preparation of beer and for completing contracts. It is one of the mid-game items that players will get to build in the factory and use throughout the progression of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build Yeast Storage in Beer Factory.

How to Build Yeast Storage in Beer Factory

Yeast Storage is one of the Gameplay Items in the game that can only be built using the Tool Box. Players will be able to equip the Tool Box by purchasing the Tool Desk from the Tool Shop. Upon acquiring the Tool Box, players will be able to go into the Build Mode and purchase the Yeast Storage for $50.

Press the ‘TAB’ key to go into the build mode and purchase the Yeast Storage. After that, validate the position of the Yeast Storage when it portrays a green highlight by moving around and pressing the F key. Once you have validated the location of the Yeast Storage, you cannot change it.

The Yeast Storage can be placed anywhere in the factory but the best location for it is the Brewery Extension. It is because Yeast is used in Brewing Beers in the Brew Tank and it will require you to add multiple bags of Yeast for a single quantity of beer.

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