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Best Elden Ring Classes: Which Characters to Choose in Beta



Best Elden Ring Classes: Which Characters to Choose in Beta

The Elden Ring beta is right around the corner, and many want to know what classes will be available during testing this weekend (and which ones are the best). The software has prepared a total of 5 classes to try during this test, each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Thanks to one of our friends, we have been able to take a look at what is to come, and the truth is that things are promising a lot. Each class has a differentiating feature that makes it special, and here you will discover what each one does and which one you might be interested in trying.

All Elden Ring Beta Classes – Choose the Best One for You

As you have already read above, there will be a total of 5 classes available during this beta.


warrior in elden ring beta

Although it might be thought that the warrior would use the Force as his main weapon, in reality, he focuses on Dexterity. Although their base weapons have an interesting ranged wind attack, it would be very smart to get a bow to control the distances a bit more.

Newer players are going to resent being unable to parry or defend themselves, so it would be wise to get a lightweight shield from a vendor. The alternative is that you face the fighting intelligently and prepare to take VERY direct classes on how to roll and position yourself correctly.

Enchanted knight

enchanted knight in elden ring

It is the class of the beta with the highest Intelligence, although the really curious thing is that it is not a magician to use, a kind of tank that can also use magic. The playstyle is pretty straightforward: you can attack enemies using magic while riding a horse (a great way to control distances and deal damage) or engage them at close range with your shield raised.

As a curiosity, within its basic equipment is the best shield of the entire beta (a shield that cannot be obtained in any other way).


prophet in elden ring

To summarize: they are the equivalent of the clerics in other installments of the saga since their best stat is Faith. It has several types of enchantment (the ancient miracles) to get improvements in the defensive and offensive section, although what is really interesting is the enchantment “Beast Claw”, absolute nonsense that throws 4 claws in a fan and does insane damage. You will have access to this enchantment from the beginning, and it will be key from the first bars of the game.

The downside is that there is no enchantment vendor in the beta, so to get more, you will have to investigate the entire scenario.


champion in elden ring

Another class that uses Faith as its main attribute. What makes this class special is that it can summon a dragon head that unleashes a blast of fire capable of volatilizing enemies in a straight line and can be sustained for quite a long time. As in the case of the Enchanting Knights, they are very powerful in mounted combat.

He can get the “Beast Claw” enchantment (yes, the Prophet’s) after finishing the beta, and the item he uses to perform his enchantments has better Faith scaling than the one used by the Prophet. If you add to this that they can use heavy armor and not have a fat roll by investing a few points in strength, we have what is probably the best class in this beta.

bloody Wolf

bloody wolf in elden ring

Don’t you want so much novelty? Do you want the classic style of going forward like a boar in heavy armor? Well, you just found your class. The Blood Wolf is a fairly standard class when it comes to warriors, and it is armed with a bastard sword and a shield to make parrys. Its main attribute is Strength, an attribute with which you will hit more and can carry even heavier equipment.

It is the best melee damage class, although it has a big but: its mounted combat is pretty bad, making it the worst class in the beta in that regard.

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