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Beyond Sunset Review – Cyberpunk Meets a Retro FPS



Beyond Sunset Review

Beyond Sunset is an FPS adventure game developed by Metacorp / Vaporware and published by Movie Games. Unlike the other modern FPS games from indie developers that set a high mark, Metacorp offers the good old Retro FPS experience with modern RPG elements allowing old gamers to feel nostalgia while playing it.


You play as Lucy, a trained street samurai searching for lost memories in a world where a highly contagious disease turning people into mutants. Various parts of the city have been put under quarantine and you will have to progress through them by defeating mutants, robots, and bosses. The city parts act as interactive levels that players must pursue to encounter a final boss at the end to unlock the next level.


The gameplay of Beyond Sunset is pure Retro FPS where you take hold of a Katana at the start giving you a resemblance to the Ghostrunner series as it allows you to cut enemies in half and deflect the bullets. As you progress ahead from the tutorial and start exploring the levels, you will arm yourself with several guns allowing you to deal with the enemies from a distance.

Along with the great combat mechanics, the movement mechanics are decent as well. They are essential to the core gameplay of the game as they will be required for clearing the levels. Movement mechanics like Jumping and dashing are crucial which players should get a grasp on as soon as possible.

As you kill various kinds of enemies in each level, you will earn money which is used for upgrading your weapons. Upgrading your weapons is essential for dealing more damage to enemies, especially the bosses. Apart from upgrading the weapons, you must save your progress throughout each level by interacting with the ATMs as there is no auto-saving feature which slightly increases the difficulty of the game.

Overall, I enjoyed the gameplay of Beyond Sunset as of its current state which is Early Access, and yes, I do encounter some bugs where the game wouldn’t let me load my last safe checkpoint instead it took me to a command prompt screen. It was a bit unpleasant but restarting the game fixes the bug and since it is not a big issue, it might be fixed permanently.

Sound and Visuals

The visuals of Beyond Sunset are both beautiful and nostalgic as the art pixels portray the great Retro FPS experience for the players. The Synthwave soundtrack in the background fits well as it enhances the adventure of roaming in a Cyberpunk-themed world with pixel art.

Verdict – Scrore 8/10

Beyond Sunset is a great FPS game with decent RPG elements that keep you both engaged with the story progression and fun in combat. The game certainly can use some more content and character progression but still, I enjoyed my time playing it and I would recommend any FPS game lover to give it a try and experience the original Retro FPS mixed with modern-day mechanics.

Beyond Sunset is now available on PC and macOS.

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