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Ratopia Review – Colonizing the Cute Rat Civilization



Ratopia Review

Ratopia is a strategic survival city-building game developed and published by Cassel Games. The game has been developing since 2021 and is still in the Early Access state with fluid gameplay mechanics and playthroughs for players to enjoy. It brings a unique city-building game experience to players due to the mixture of strategic and survival elements.


Ratopia indeed includes a story that highlights the main premise of the game for better understanding for the players. You take the role of a leader of the rat civilization whose kingdom has been demolished and somehow you and another rat have escaped alive from the attack of the enemies. Your job is to recolonize the rat civilization in the land of the unknown and take care of the civilization as it grows throughout time.


The gameplay of Ratopia gives a nostalgia of playing a 2D game but with modern-day features and mechanics. You get to control the character with a side-view angle but instead of only moving right or left, you will have to build the new kingdom of rat civilization beneath the ground.

The game offers more than 150 unique structures that can be built both on the surface of the ground and underneath the ground which are essential for the betterment of your civilization. The task menu offers several features for you to concentrate on and as you build the starting structures and start colonizing the rat civilization, the gameplay gets better.

Once your small rat kingdom is operational, you will be able to assign roles to your fellow rat workers. Assign them different and crucial roles such as gathering and harvesting the nearby resources both underground and above the ground. Resources are crucial for living as your rat population requires supplies, food, and water, to stay happy.

As you focus on rebuilding the kingdom, you must build structures for defenses to keep your civilization safe from the enemies. You must arm your character and workers with weapons so, that you and they can fight any enemy that slips inside the kingdom.

Sound and Visuals

The sound design in Ratopia is pretty decent and the calming melody playing in the background while you dig a bunch of rooms for placement of structures does soothe you down in coziness. The art design and the visuals are great as well and blend well with the side-screen view gameplay style.

Verdict – Score 9/10

Ratopia is a great addicting city-building game with a mixture of survival and strategic elements that will always keep you engaged with the building of the rat kingdom and the safety of the civilization. If you like strategic and city-building games, then Ratopia should be on your devouring list as it checks out all the aspects of those genres greatly and provides a fluid experience.

Ratopia is now available on Steam (PC) and macOS.

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