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Stronghold: Definitive Edition Review – Revival of a Historical Splendor



Stronghold: Definitive Edition - Review

Stronghold is one of the great historical games of this century and the original developers, Firefly Studios have come back with the definitive edition of the original Stronghold showing their commitment and love for the product that is greatly admired by players all around the world. Similar to the original Stronghold, Stronghold: Definitive Edition is a strategic simulation game where players have to gather resources and fortify themselves to bring glory back to the fallen King.

This definitive edition brings a lot of improvements along with the extensive and better campaign and the Steam Workshop community support where players can have endless fun with the never-ending maps. This is our review of Stronghold: Definitive Edition.


Firefly Studios has stuck with the original setting and story for the Stronghold: Definitive Edition to provide players with the original experience with innovative detailing. The game is set in a medieval hinterland of England where you march in search of Sir Longarm’s captured kin after the fall of the King. You must unite the country and bring back the glory.


The gameplay of Stronghold: Definitive Edition is the same as it was two decades ago but there are some changes in how the actual campaign rolls right from the beginning of the game. Unlike the original game where you get to simply gather the resources and fortify your army to defend against the enemies, Stronghold: Definitive Edition requires you to fight the enemies as you build the fortification for your survival.

There are 14 new campaign missions that players will get to unravel as they progress through the main storyline. The campaign is now more challenging than ever before and players must utilize their resources and their army strategically to win on the battlefield. Challenge the classic villains like Rat and the Pig in this new challenging campaign to see whether your strategies are destructive or not.

Taking care of your population and army is all based on food and supplies that you gather throughout the day so, you must hire some soldiers and workers to look after all the essential resources as they will keep your army happy and strong. Losing your number of soldiers early on in a fight can put you in a bad spot but if you have built the defenses of your fortification accordingly, then various weapons can be of great help for the comeback.

Apart from the main campaign and the building mechanics, players can also venture beyond the story to encounter themselves with ‘Castle Trail’, a new unique scenario where players overcome the challenges to stay alive. There are 10 Castle Trails scattered around the world map that players can find and challenge to strengthen their strategic powers.

Sound and Visuals

Both the sound and the visuals of Stronghold: Definitive Edition are the best improvements as they both enhance the experience equally. For the sound design of the game, the original theme composer of Stronghold, Robert Euvino returns for the Stronghold: Definitive Edition and composes another masterpiece for the returning greatness.

The original art designers of the Firefly Studio have worked greatly in enhancing the overall animations and lighting of the world. It competes greatly with modern-day strategic games and is definitely a sight to behold.

Verdict – Score 9/10

Stronghold: Definitive Edition is a great strategic simulation game both for the veterans and the newcomers as it has the same old charm with more detailing. The game lets you strategize freely in more challenging campaigns but the only thing that felt lacking is the same old AI. If the AI of both friendly and enemy soldiers were improved then it would be more fun as well as challenging.

Overall, it is one of the best-returning games in a long time, and with the price of only $15, every strategy game lover should give it a try as it stands greatly in every aspect of a strategy and simulation game.

Stronghold: Definitive Edition is now available on PC.  

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