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Book of Hours: Review – A Calm and Combat-Free RPG for Book Lovers



Book of Hours - Review

Want to experience an RPG with zero combat but full control of everything happening in the fascinating and mysterious world then say no more, Book of Hours will be your favorite cup of tea that you will certainly enjoy. Book of Hours offers a unique RPG experience to the players which takes place none other than in a book. A book with various inhabitants who have their own stories to tell in the world of the mysterious and arcane.

Book of Hours – Review

The story of Book of Hours is very interesting as you would have to build a gigantic library, Hush House which was burned down in an incident. You would have to find several mysterious books along your playthrough to place the books in the library. You would not remember anything from the start of the game and as you meet inhabitants from the town and gain some assistance from them, you will reach the Hush House where you step in the shoes of Occult of Knowledge, a librarian.

You will be given the huge responsibility of rebuilding the library by crafting its burned-down room and decorating it with the books you like. As you progress, you will gain more assistance from the inhabitants who would help you more than you can imagine. Listen closely to each of the individuals you meet to unlock new accomplishments that will help you in your goal.

As this game is developed and published by Weather Factory, yes, you guessed it right all mechanics are based on the card system. You meet cards of inhabitants, you gather cards of books, and so on. The collected cards are stored in their respective category on the bottom of the screen from where you can use some at any time you like to assist in the matter. However, if you are a newcomer and never played a game from Weather Factory then you would face some harsh difficulties which can leave you stranded in the game for hours.

It is because the game does not do a very good job of laying out the basics of the game. Players can easily find themselves stuck in a situation or not knowing what to engage with or not and would feel like the game is drawing too much. However, it can be overcome by spending time listening to inhabitants, finding the books which would take some time, and learning that everything is a crafting material.

The world design of the Book of Hours is absolutely beautiful and charming. All book lovers who love to read a great narrative would absolutely appreciate the stories of the characters they meet throughout the game. As you go through different areas shown in the book, there is a great partner that would enhance your experience and that is the Music. The music of the Book of Hours nails the perfection and it would let you enjoy the story even more.

Verdict – Score 9/10

Book of Hours is a big adventure game, like a role-playing story, that you’ll get really involved in. This is especially true if you enjoy both reading books and playing games. Even though the challenges in the game might make you feel annoyed and it’s not easy. Players who have a lack of patience regarding dialogues and Book Reading, in general, might not like the whole premise of the game. The writing and the pictures in the game always look beautiful.

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