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Call of Duty Vanguard: Best weapons and builds to get started in multiplayer



Call of Duty Vanguard: Best weapons and builds to get started in multiplayer

We introduce you to a series of weapons with some basic configurations that you can take advantage of during those first multiplayer games.

In a title as competitive as Call of Duty Vanguard, it is very difficult to stand out from the beginning against the rest of the adversaries, and knowing some of the best weapon customizations can be essential to start off on the right foot.

And is that when you go through the Call of Duty Vanguard campaign, you will go directly to multiplayer, and you will see that the level is very high, something that could even despair during the first games, and that is why you should know what the best weapons and some of their settings.

And the truth is that it has no greater mystery, because most players always use the same weapons with the same configurations, and we have already investigated among the community to know some of the best weapons that are currently being used with certain configurations that seem be giving very good results

Call of Duty Vanguard: Best weapons and builds to get started in multiplayer

And is that customizing our weapons is part of the fun of multiplayer, and if you are starting it will seem somewhat complicated.


It is a fairly versatile assault rifle that is one of the favorite weapons to start playing and although the base configuration is very good, if you want to win more fights at close and medium distance we advise you to add Krausnick 220MM Rapid + 8MM Kurz 45. You can also add a Mark VI Skeletal and the nerves of steel perk. We also have another configuration for you .


While it looks like a fairly basic weapon, it is capable of firing a hail of bullets if we go for the right setup.

In our case we have added SA 65MM Rapid, and also a 9MM 50 charger. In advantages you can opt for Sleight of Hand.

M1 Garand

In addition to helping us to kill those annoying snipers, you can try to bet on this customization to increase their speed and cadence. You can turn it into a fun weapon if you take off the sniper scope and add a bayonet, then put Reach + Spotter Proficiency on it and take out the damn smoke grenade.


We can improve both its mobility, ADS, precision and also damage, being able to eliminate enemies with great ease when we are crouching or standing, and it is very easy to reload.

In the configuration we are using we have added No. 3 Rifle Brake, along with the Steady + Quick Proficiency advantages.


It can become a truly fearsome weapon with an additional superb rate of fire that you can use to practically spray an entire room with bullets. If you combine it with incendiary bullets it will be quite a show. In this configuration we have added Mark VI Skeletal, VDD 680MM 31MM and also incendiary ammunition to wreak havoc on enemies.

They are simple and direct weapon configurations, something that will come great for those first multiplayer games where everything seems very fast and chaotic.

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