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Call of Duty Vanguard: tips and tricks to win at Champion’s Hill



Call of Duty Vanguard: tips and tricks to win at Champion's Hill

We give you the best tips for winning games in Champion’s Hill, something that will allow you to be fearsome from the start.

One of the new star modes that have been released with Call of Duty Vanguard is the so-called Champion’s Hill, a kind of mix of multiplayer elements with the Battle Royale genre and that you are going to want to take advantage of.

And it is that the multiplayer mode, without a doubt, is always one of the stars of each installment of Call of Duty, and in Vanguard it is no exception. Mastering it from the beginning will give us good rankings in addition to becoming all beasts in the fighting.

As you are sure to want to win the Champion Hill mode from the beginning, we give you some initial tips so that you can win games without many difficulties, especially at the beginning where most of the players still do not know exactly how to function in it.

Call of Duty Vanguard: tips and tricks to win at Champion’s Hill

To put it somehow, Champion’s Hill is a kind of team tournament that takes place on a stage divided into several sectors, including the airport, the train station, the market, and the courtyard.

All teams start with the same weapons, but later as the game progresses we must be smart to invest the money in extra lives, in improving weapons, or even in streaks. And all taking a look at the timer on the screen where the one who obviously gets the most eliminations will win.

And obviously getting eliminations generates money that we can spend on improving our weapons, equipment in general, or for other things. We advise you to use all the money you earn initially to upgrade your weapons or buy others.

Remember that you can upgrade a weapon up to 10 times to reach the accessory limit. If you do not have the right soul, invest the money in that weapon you are looking for.

When you feel that you have the desired weapons and have improved them to the maximum, you will see that the eliminations fall by their own weight which will allow you to save money in a much faster way and that you should invest this time for additional lives.

These additional lives cost $ 1,500 and can only be purchased in purchase rounds that occur occasionally, so always try to have some money to purchase this type of life. If you do not have extra life you can invest the money in acquiring more armor plates.

Once you have your favorite weapons, raised to the maximum, and with extra lives, it will be very easy to win the game, but obviously, you have to have reached this point before the opposing team.

You can also keep an eye on the extra life token found on each of the maps, even set traps in that area as they approach it.

Something quite basic is that you must communicate with your partner or with your teammates, and is that sometimes a simple communication will allow us to ambush the rest of the teams and try to approach the opponents in a 2 against 1 on most occasions.

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