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Chorus: You can collect these trophies and achievements



Chorus: You can collect these trophies and achievements

In Chorus, not only are spectacular space battles waiting for you, but also numerous trophies and achievements to be collected.

In this Trophy Guide to Chorus, you’ll learn:

  • How many trophies there are
  • What you have to do to get the achievements
  • How to get platinum or a gamerscore of 1,000 points

There are so many trophies in Chorus

You can unlock a total of 43 trophies on the PS4 and PS5 . These are broken down as follows:

  • 32x bronze
  • 6x silver
  • 4x gold
  • 1x platinum

If you play on Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X, you can collect 42 successes that give you a total of 1,000 points in Gamerscore . The tasks that you have to complete on PlayStation and Xbox for the achievements are identical.

Chorus: All bronze trophies

There’s a lot to do in space! In addition to some successes that you automatically receive in the course of the story, you can also collect achievements aside from it. For example, by killing three opponents with one drift – and receiving the achievement “Show-off” .

A different lifeInvestigate the Artok and find a way in.bronze
Away with the signAcquire a laser weapon.bronze
Homeland securityDefend the enclave and fight back the circle troops.bronze
Almost like old timesRe-team up with your old friend Forsa.bronze
Full arsenalAcquire the rocket launcher.bronze
revengeAvenge the fallen and bring a civilian convoy to safety.bronze
disturbanceAcquire the ritual of the storm in the Amarok Temple.bronze
Cult killerFree the Maka Refuge.bronze
originLearn more about Forsaken’s creation in the laboratory.bronze
In the eye of the stormDissolve the lightning storm at the Trom shipyard and free Captain Aystan and his ships.bronze
To launchRecruit an engineer at Rinak Refuge.bronze
The blood-red emptinessDestroy a Demon-class battleship and enter the Faceless Void.bronze
Great momentFace your guilt and acquire the ritual of the star.bronze
DiscipleLook into the past and witness the ritual of the prophet.bronze
Shaky allianceEscape together with an unexpected ally.bronze
GhostsLearn about Forsaken’s secret past and teach a lesson to a former mentor.bronze
retributionStop the massacre of the Silva Refuge and bring the Elder Syrys to justice.bronze
AscentEnter the rift that engulfs Nimika Prime.bronze
Always helpfulComplete five side missions.bronze
Lead footWin a racebronze
Voices from the pastFind 25 memories.bronze
The great destroyerKill 75 enemies while piloting a Spirit class ship.bronze
PhoenixUse a repair drone if you have less than 10 percent health.bronze
Show-offKill three enemies with one drift.bronze
huntressUse the ritual of the hunt to jump on an opponent and destroy them within five seconds.bronze
Two birds with one stoneUse the ritual of the star to pierce two enemies at once.bronze
It was an accidentDestroy five enemies by disturbing them with the ritual of the storm.bronze
Crash testUse the ritual of control to cause two ships to collide.bronze
Radiation zoneKill three enemies with the radiation cloud from a level 3 missile.bronze
Tank crackersDestroy an armored enemy with a Gatling cannon.bronze
OverloadedOverload your energy bar by using a level 3 laser weapon.bronze
It was worth a tryDie in permadeath mode.bronze

Chorus: All silver trophies

Do you have what it takes to be a space traveler ? Find out and visit 50 locations. The Achievement Scraper is available as soon as you have killed 50 opponents while drifting.

Choir directorAcquire all rituals and use Nara’s potential to the full.silver
Mastery of ArmsAchieve full weapon mastery.silver
Mastery of ritualsAchieve full ritual mastery.silver
Mastery of CombatAchieve full combat mastery.silver
Space travelersVisit 50 locations.silver
Curve scratcherKill a total of 50 enemies while you drift.silver

Chorus: gold and platinum trophies

Once you finally capture the Jumpgate, defeat the Wise One and finish the game, you will be on the verge of becoming platinum !

The way forwardDefeat the wise man and capture the jump
The nameless horrorDestroy the Faceless Entity in the Amarok
Elevate togetherQuit the
Exemplary commitmentComplete 35 side
Demigoddessget all trophies.platinum

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