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Farming Simulator 22: Growing & Harvesting Potatoes & Sugar Beets



Farming Simulator 22: Growing & Harvesting Potatoes & Sugar Beets

Potatoes and sugar beets are among the root crops in the FS 22 and must be grown and harvested with special sowing and harvesting machines. Here you can find out how to plant potatoes and sugar beets, remove herbs and make sugar beet pulp.

Sow & grow potatoes & sugar beets (FS 22)

The cultivation of the root crops sugar beets and potatoes works best with self-propelled vehicles. You can rent or buy these seed drills from dealers, but they cost a lot of euros. If you are short of cash, you can use the money cheat for the FS 22. Alternatively, you can use a tractor plus specialized equipment for potatoes and sugar beets.

Remove & harvest herbs

An important step that you only have to take before harvesting potatoes and sugar beets is removing the herbs from the root crops. For this, you have to use a haulm topper like the Grimme KS 75-4. So do this when the plants are fully grown. Before that, you cannot start the actual harvest.

You can use special machines such as the Grimme Evo 290 for harvesting. These lift the root crops out of the earth.

Make sugar beet pulp

As a special product, you can make so-called sugar beet pulp from sugar beet. For this, you need a sugar beet cutter, which you can find at the dealer under the front loader tools.

Use it to chop the sugar beets and load them into a trailer. You can bring the resulting sugar beet pulp to a biogas plant so that it can be fermented into silage, or you can take it to a sugar factory for the production of sugar. You can also deliver harvested sugar cane here.

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