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COD Vanguard: How To Earn XP And Level Up Fast – Best Methods



CoD Vanguard: A level guide for multiplayer - quickly to the max level

In the multiplayer modes of Call of Duty: Vanguard, players start with our account from level 1 and we can gradually earn experience points (XP) by playing games to unlock different content, such as new weapons, accessories, advantages, improvements of field, rewards and much more. The game features the following three types of XP :

  • Weapon XP: is linked to our weapons and is earned individually for each weapon as we use it in games. By earning this XP we increase the level of the weapons and unlock new accessories, camouflages, charms, and more for them.
  • Operators XP: is linked to playable characters and are obtained individually by playing with each of them. They are used to level up Operators and unlock new skins, finishers, and more.
  • Player / Account XP: This experience is directly related to your player rank, it represents the total level of your account, and the more you progress in it, the more content you will unlock in the game.

Of course, participating in different modes and playing games will give us experience, but you will surely wonder if there is a way to get a lot more XP quickly. And yes, there are several things you can do to achieve this. For all this, below in this entry of our guide, we will tell you what are the best methods to earn XP and raise your levels right away.

How to get weapon XP quickly?

Weapon experience in Call of Duty: Vanguard is achieved by playing each weapon individually in matches. That is, the simple fact of equipping yourself with a weapon and using it to eliminate enemies will progressively give you XP for that weapon.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind to increase the amount of weapon XP we earn. Here are the best ways to get more XP for weapons:

  • Complete Weapon Challenges – Each weapon has its own challenges and can be completed as you play for more XP in return.
  • Play games with an Operator’s favorite weapon – this will increase the amount of XP you earn for that specific weapon.
  • Become part of a clan – and play with your companions to earn 10% more XP.
  • Activate Double Weapon XP Tokens – These can be earned as Battle Pass rewards and, once activated, last for a certain amount of time. Make sure you profit from it.
  • Take advantage of Double Weapon XP events: Activision on special occasions such as seasonal events, themed events, or weekends, will activate these bonuses that are very useful to earn more XP.
  • Play by prioritizing your casualties: killing enemies greatly increases the weapon XP you earn, so focus on playing games with the more players the better (you can customize the search filter with the “Intense” combat rate, to favor games from 16 to 46 players).
  • Participate in modes without respawns: such as Search and Destroy, since in these modes the kills grant more weapon XP than in other modes, although you must be more careful not to be eliminated soon.

How to get Operator XP quickly?

The best way to earn Operator XP quickly is by following these methods :

  • Completing the related challenges of each operator.
  • Playing with the operator’s favorite weapon equipped.
  • Being part of a clan and playing with your companions to earn 10% more XP.
  • Using Operator XP Tokens that you can get in the Battle Pass.

Equip the Operator’s Favorite Weapon

Equipping each Operator’s favorite weapon is very important as that will earn you double Operator Experience Points in each game (as well as a boost in Weapon XP you get). The favorite weapon is indicated in the operator selection, on the right side of the screen, or also on the right when browsing his biography.

You won’t have all of the weapons unlocked at first and therefore may not have your Operator’s favorite, but be sure to use it as soon as you get it so you don’t waste your XP gain.

Complete Operator Challenges

About the operator challenges, these can be consulted from the operator’s own biography , in the “Challenges” tab . Completing them will give you a very valuable Operator XP bonus to increase your levels faster.

Each operator has specific challenges and each challenge is structured in three levels :

  • Level 1 Challenges: reward 1,000 Operator XP.
  • Level 2 Challenges: reward 1,500 Operator XP.
  • Level 3 Challenges: Reward 2,500 Operator XP.

As you increase the level of your operator, in some levels of the same you will receive as a reward more XP for that operator, so the progression with him will be much faster.

How to quickly level up your account?

In addition to the weapon and operator XP, you must also take care of obtaining experience points that increase the level of your account, so you can unlock many contents in Vanguard. Here are the best methods to maximize your leveling up and get lots of account XP:

Complete career challenges

From the Vanguard multiplayer menu, you can access the “Challenges” tab, where you will find a diverse selection of career challenges ready to complete.

  • To start with, you have several sets of challenges available, but as you level up your account you will unlock more and, trust us, they are one of the best ways to earn tons of XP for your account.
  • Don’t forget to check each group of challenges and see what their objectives are before playing games.
  • Completing each of these challenges will reward you with different amounts of XP, but in addition, completing an entire group of challenges will reward you with a huge amount of XP (such as 10,000 XP or more), so try not to miss any. .

Join or create a clan

  • We have already mentioned in this guide that joining or creating a clan will help you get more XP for your weapons and operators, and also for your account level.
  • Feel free to join a clan right from the start and play with your teammates to get a 10% XP boost in your games.

Use double XP tokens

In the Vanguard Battle Pass, you can get the well-known double XP tokens (also available in the paid premium pass) in some of its free levels. For example, you can get a double XP token for free at level 11 of the preseason, and you should know that this token is an ideal way to increase your experience points earned (especially if you use it in combination with the rest of the methods reviewed).

  • Keep in mind that these tabs are activated manually, you decide when.
  • You can view and activate the available XP tokens in the multiplayer “Start” menu.
  • Ideally, activate one of these tokens when you are going to have time to play because they have a temporary use period. That is, when they are activated, their bonus effect lasts 1 hour of real-time (watch out, real-time, not game time), so as soon as you activate it, do not leave the game and go crazy to take advantage of every minute to win many more XP than usual.

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