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Content Warning: How to Get More Views



Content Warning: How to Get More Views

Going viral in Content Warning is all about uploading spooky and terrifying stuff on Spooktube to farm views and make money from Ad revenue. However, you might not get that much views by simply capturing the monsters in the camera as there are several other stuff that you need to capture to get more views and earn more money.

This guide will help you how to get more views in Content Warning.

How to Get More Views in Content Warning

Farming views in Content Warning will require you to capture audio and video of spooky creatures, reactions of your character along with your friends, emoting, attacking monsters, and much more. All of this is possible due to the items available in the store. Initially, players will have to make a few simple uploads to get a few hundred bucks and then they can invest the money in purchasing the following items to farm some more views.

  • Boom Mic – $100
  • Clapper – $100

Both of these items are the gadgets and will allow you to capture audio simply by pointing the camera and the Clapper will allow you to make clapping noise which can bring out funny reactions from your teammates. Furthermore, grab the rest of two gadgets as well as they will increase your survival chances and if you record your teammate while they attack enemies or slow them down, you will gain extra views.

  • Goo Ball – $150:
  • Shock Stick – $400:

Apart from the gadgets, grab a few of the emotes from the store and then begin your footage by emoting. Basically, you will be making an intro for your video and as you head down record almost everything with sound. Record the stuff you find on the ground, monsters, emotes of the team, switch to selfie mode from time to time, slow down enemies with Goo Ball, electrocute enemies with Shock Stick, etc.

After making a good footage of your adventure, reach the Dive Bell without leaving the Camera behind. Escape from the Old World successfully with the Camera and then upload the footage immediately to farm more views and earn more money.

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