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Content Warning: How to Make More Money



Content Warning: How to Make More Money

Content Warning is a new co-op horror game that makes you explore a doomed world with your friends for both funny and scary content that must be uploaded to a platform named Spooktube for viewership and earning Ad Revenue on total views. However, you would only make a couple hundred bucks on your initial uploads but there are several methods that you can record in your footage which will help you earn more money.

This guide will help you how to make more money in Content Warning.

How to Make More Money in Content Warning

Content Warning is all about recording scary and spooky stuff in the Old World and sharing it with the world living above. As you upload videos and get views, you will get money from the Ad revenue. So, the money you earn is dependent on the number of views you get. Getting more views on your uploads will require you to use certain gadgets that can be bought from the store and then get more spooky footage from the Old World.

Getting more views is almost related to making more money in Content Warning. However, we have listed down some steps that you can follow to make more money from your uploads as well as get more views.

Steps to Make More Money in Content Warning

  • Upload frequently during the early days to quickly make your first grand and then invest in all the gadgets.
  • Use the Boom Mic to record every audio.
  • Shoot an Intro with your friends/party members. The intro can be audio speech or just emoting.
  • While recording the footage in Old World, zoom in on monsters and record reactions of yourself and your party members. Again, the reactions can be emotes.
  • Record everything in the Old World. Every item, monster encounter, screaming, fading scary audios, attacking monsters, etc.
  • Escape successfully with the Camera to upload the footage as soon as possible.
  • Using a Selfie Mode of the camera while running away from the monsters is also a great method.
  • Record an Outro as well to show the viewers who survived and who didn’t.

All of these steps are equally important to getting more views so if you are getting over 10K views per video, you will be making more money than your initial uploads.

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