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Control’s AWE ending hints at events in the next Remedy game



Control's AWE ending hints at events in the next Remedy game

Analyzing the events that took place in the finale of the AWE story expansion for Control, players found an indication that the story of Jesse Fayden is not only not over, but may also be closely related to Alan Wake – the hero of the 2010 Remedy game of the same name.

Spoilers for Alan Wake and Control’s AWE DLC follow below

The DLC takes place in the Investigation Wing in the Oldest House, which was sealed after one of the inmates got out and killed all the staff. The prisoner turns out to be a monster who was once a psychiatrist named Hartman – the one who tried to take advantage of the supernatural powers of the writer Alan Wake in the events at Lake Coldron.

Federal Bureau of Control Director Jesse Feyden takes on Hartman after Wake calls her mystical hotline. How exactly he did this is unknown, because at the end of his game the writer is captured by the Dark Essence at the bottom of the lake. In one of the messages to Jesse, Wake says that he is going to write a new novel about a hero who will come and save him from captivity.

Returning from the mission, Jesse learns that in the town of Bright Falls on Lake Coldron, something is wrong again, but the signal comes from the future, there is still “a couple of years” left before the start of events. Combined with Wake’s words, this information looks like a transparent hint from the developers that both heroes will return to the screen.

End of spoilers

However, it is not yet possible to understand who will be the protagonist of the next game, and when it will be released, no official statements have been received from the developers. However, back in early August, they confirmed that their next game would be a project in the same universe.

The AWE was released on August 27, alongside the release of the Control Ultimate Edition on Steam. It is included in the “full” PC edition and is available on consoles.

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