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Jeff Grubb: Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Set To Release In October But May Be Delayed



Casey Hudson and mark Darragh leave BioWare

In the GamesBeat Decides podcast, journalist Jeff Grubb spoke in more detail about Electronic Arts’ plans for updated versions of the Mass Effect trilogy, which he himself and several insiders have already mentioned more than once.

Grubb stressed that he knows for sure that the company is working on a remaster – from the sources he knows “more than enough” information to be sure. EA, as the journalist mentioned before, is going to release the game in the fall – however, these plans may well change amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

I know that until about last week the plan was this: to make an announcement in early October, release – at the end of October. This is good news.

Now, perhaps the bad news. The year is 2020, so the dates may shift. There is such an opportunity. So far, this is not certain.

Jeff Grubb

He recalled that the official announcement of the Mass Effect remasters has not yet been made – so the company itself is not completely sure of its plans. That is why neither EA nor BioWare has given any information about the collection yet.

However, Grubb is sure that this particular collection of the publishing house wants to make the second major autumn release. Star Wars: Squadrons, due in early October, will sell for less than $ 40, and BioWare’s remaster of the trilogy will be a full $ 60 game.

The journalist also added that he did not know if it would be a remaster or a full-fledged remake, but he advised not to overestimate expectations. Most likely, the RPG will simply be “updated” for the current consoles, with better graphics.

Information about the reissue of the Mass Effect trilogy appears at least since the beginning of 2020 when Electronic Arts told about a certain title “from the EA HD line” in the financial report. The original games in the series were released in 2007, 2010 and 2012.

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