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Dataminer finds Crypto-Mewtwo in Pokémon GO – Could be incredibly strong



Dataminer find Crypto-Mewtwo in Pokémon GO - Could be incredibly strong

In Pokémon GO there are now first indications of Crypto-Mewtu. We show you what has been found and how strong this shape could become.

This is now shown by Dataminer: The PokéMiners, he shows the new find. This is how the crypto version and the redeemed version of Mewtwo were found. It looks completely normal and just has changed eyes.

There is no further information. So we still don’t know if and when Crypto-Mewtwo comes into play. But one thing is certain: Mewtwo in the crypto version could be damn powerful!

Crypto-Mewtwo in Pokémon GO – That is what it means

How could Crypto-Mewtwo come into play? So far, legendary cryptos have always come into play through Giovanni. The Rocket boss then always fought with a legendary at the end of the encounter, which we could then catch. By the way, this month it’s Crypto-Suicune.

So you could count on Mewtwo next time. After all, there were already the 3 legendary birds from Gen 1 and the 3 legendary dogs from Gen 2. Now, something new would have to come – Mewtwo would fit.

This is especially true of Crypto-Mewtu: The Crypto versions of the Pokémon are always a little stronger in the attack. Since a change in March 2020, the attack has been increased by 1.2 and the defense has been reduced to 0.83. Crypto Pokémon are no longer so steadfast in combat, but they do more damage.

If you refer to Mewtwo, we could get a new top attacker here. If Crypto-Mewtu masters all common attacks from the normal Mewtu, then it should be a little stronger than the normal Mewtu.

The legendary Pokémon is already a top attacker and has an attack value of 300. So we could get a new, best all-rounder in the game here. It will definitely be one of the Pokémon that do the most damage in Pokémon GO.

You have to consider this : This is a leak. It is quite plausible that Crypto-Mewtwo will soon come into play, but first you should consider the situation with a bit of skepticism. It is not guaranteed that this find will be built into the game “this way”.

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