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Metroid Prime 4 won’t ignore casual gamers, according to franchise producer



Metroid Prime 4 won't ignore casual gamers, according to franchise producer

After a long time without news, now we finally get official statements related to Metroid Prime 4 . These come from the producer of the series and other franchises such as Donkey Kong or Paper Mario, Kensuke Tanabe.

According to what was shared in a recent interview with VGC, he states that in Metroid Prime they are applying the same philosophy as in Paper Mario: seek a balance that pleases all fans, both experienced hardcore and more casual. We leave you with his words:

First of all, Nintendo’s philosophy in creating games is that we don’t ignore casual gamers when creating our games. This is also true for games like those in the Metroid Prime series, games that at first glance seem like they are only aimed at experienced players.

With that in mind, what we have done in the Paper Mario series is put a lot of work particularly into the puzzle-solving elements of the games, so that they can also be enjoyed by the main players.

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