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Dave the Diver: One Million Sales Milestone Reached



Dave the Diver: One Million Sales Milestone Reached

In the bustling world of gaming, it’s always exciting to see a new title making waves. One such game is “Dave the Diver“, a unique adventure game developed by Mintrocket studio. The game, which is currently only available on PC and Mac, has recently achieved a significant milestone – one million copies sold.

Here is the official message from Director Hwang Jae Ho:

In the full version, we have further strengthened the strengths of the game and corrected and improved the shortcomings and bugs based on the feedback from early access players. We would like to thank everyone who has been with us on this journey. I think that the point of this adventure game that each player can draw a different story is well-received by players from Japan and abroad. We will continue to update the game to meet these expectations

“Dave the Diver” was initially released in early access in October 2022, and it had its full release on June 28, 2023. The game quickly gained popularity after its full release and even topped the Steam chart.

The game revolves around Dave, a diver who explores the underwater world during the day and runs a sushi restaurant at night. This unique blend of adventure and management has clearly resonated with players, leading to impressive sales figures.

On July 11, the creators of the game announced that sales had reached one million copies. They also revealed plans to release “Dave the Diver” on Switch by the end of 2023.

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