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Dead Cells Achievement and Trophy List



Dead Cells Achievement and Trophy List

There is one thing that is undeniable and that is how huge Dead Cells are. Motion Twin’s indie was already big when it first came out, but now it’s a titanic title. So much so that its list of achievements and trophies is just as massive, and knowing what to do to unlock them all is already an arduous task in itself.

Today we are going to see how to get all the achievements of this roguelite. Keep in mind that this list has all the achievements of all the expansions, so if you don’t have them all, you will see many achievements and trophies here that you will not be able to get. This also includes The Queen & the Sea, the new DLC coming out in February.

Dead Cells Achievement and Trophy List

WHAT SERENITY …Reach the Paseo de los Condenados for the first time.
TICKLE VOUCHER!Absorb the Creeper Rune.
A ROOM WITH A VIEW!Reach the battlements for the first time.
WHAT IS THAT SMELL?Reach the toxic sewers for the first time.
CUNNING HOUNDFind your first secret area.
FINALLY, A MOMENT OF REST …Reach the Black Bridge for the first time.
TAKE THE CHALLENGE!Absorb the challenge rune!
THE FAT, THE UGLY AND THE BADYou have beaten the “janitor”!
UP UP! COME ON, COME ON!Open your first timed door.
ALL FISH SOLDReach the Town of Pilotes for the first time.
HIT! HIT! WHEEL!Unlock 10 weapons.
BUT WHY DO YOU PLAY?Absorb the teleportation rune.
TIC … KNOCK …Get to the Clock Tower for the first time!
ABSOLUTIONSurvive a curse.
MAXIMUM TENSIONGet to the Clock Room for the first time!
SMELLS LIKE BURNED MEATArrive at the ossuary for the first time.
SWORD MASTERYou have defeated the “Guardian of Time”!
SHOES AT THE ENTRANCE, PLEASEArrives at the castle for the first time.
WE’VE ALL BEEN THROUGH IT …A downward impact attack … against deadly spikes!
ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?Reach the Forgotten Tomb for the first time.
WHY WAS IT NOT SO DIFFICULT?Successfully complete a challenge rift.
KNEEL DOWN? IT WILL BE THAT NO …Reach the throne room for the first time.
GO GROSSAbsorb the Ram Rune.
WHO HAS ASKED FOR AN ITALIAN PLUMBER?Reach the ancient sewers for the first time.
TUNEDUnlock 10 skills.
SPIDERMAN …Absorb the spider rune!
THE LAST WALLS FALL …Defeat the hand of the King.
HAS SOMETHING GOTTEN INTO YOUR EYE?You have destroyed “Conjunctivius”!
GLORY AND FORTUNE, KID!Reach the Sleeping Shrine for the first time!
EVEN RATS AVOID THIS PLACE …Reach the Unbearable Crypt for the first time.
RUB THE LOTION ON THE SKIN!Reach the depths of the prison for the first time.
THE CENTER OF THIS ISLAND IS DEAD …He arrives at the cemetery for the first time.
SHORT!Kill an enemy with an elevator.
FASTER THAN LIGHTNING!You have completed a daily challenge. Bravo!
GO PLAY OUTSIDE!Reach the Greenhouse for the first time.
YOU’RE NOT THAT TOUGHKilled 100 elite units. You will be evil!
SURGICAL REMOVALAbsorb your first boss stem cell.
MASTER EXTRACTIONAbsorb your second boss stem cell.
DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!Reach the Corrupted Prison for the first time.
HEALTH!Arrive at the abandoned distillery for the first time!
OH! WHAT HARM!Die carrying at least 100 cells. It burns.
KNEE DEEP IN MUD …Arrives at the Nest for the first time.
FALLEN FROM THE SKYReach the Fractured Shrines for the first time.
HEADLONG TO HELLSacrifice mushroom boy.
CRUSHEDYou have beaten the “janitor” without taking a single hit!
UP, GUARDS, TO THEM!Finish the game with an active Boss Stem Cell.
I’M NOT TAKING MY EYE OFF YOU …You have defeated the mother tick!
YOU DIGReach the cavern for the first time.
ARTISTIC EXTRACTIONAbsorb your third boss stem cell.
YOU STUNG!Catch an enemy using the Fractured Shrines environment!
HOT AND COLDReach the Guardian’s Refuge for the first time.
RETURN TO SENDERKilled an infected worker with his own keg!
SIZE DOES NOT MATTERYou have defeated the giant!
QUICK EXTRACTIONAbsorb your fourth boss stem cell.
FINISHED AND FEARLESSFinish the game with two active Boss Stem Cells.
THE DANCEDefeated the “Time Keeper” without taking a hit!
BEACH’S DAYReach the Undying Shores for the first time.
PERFECT EXTRACTIONAbsorb your fifth boss stem cell.
FIRST AIDAllow an Apostate to revive at least 3 souls.
A PATH OF ROSESArrive at the Mausoleum for the first time.
THE HABIT DO NOT DO THE MONKGo to the Undying Shores in cultist garb.
THEY WERE COMING FROM BEHIND!Kill yourself with an elevator.
HARDER, FASTER … AND BETTERFinish the game with three active boss stem cells.
IRRIGATION HYMNYou have defeated the Scarecrow!
PASSING THE CUTDefeat at least 5 enemies in a row with the Scarecrow Sickles.
I’LL LEND YOU A HAND? HAHAHA!Defeat the Hand of the King without taking a hit.
GENTLEMANFinish the first level without breaking any doors.
LET’S GET SERIOUS …Finish the game with four active boss stem cells.
FLAWLESS VICTORYDefeated “Conjunctivius” without taking a hit!
DON’T TOUCH MY MUSHROOMSDefeat the Scarecrow without bouncing off any mushrooms.
LIFE ON THE EDGEGet to the Astrolabe for the first time!
DAVID AND GOLIAT…You defeated the “giant” without taking a single hit!
STELLAR LOOKOUTArrive at the Observatory for the first time!
I AM NOT SATISFIED WITH STOMPING …You have beaten the collector!
IMMORTALFinish the game with “Ygdar Orus Li Ox” in your possession!
BORN SAPPERCompleted the Abandoned Distillery without using the Barrel Launcher!
WHAT’S THE MATTER? THEY HAVE NOTHING WRONG …Finish the game with your starting sword, bow, or shield.
LIVE DANGEROUSLY …Against all odds, you’ve finished the game with the cursed sword!
HERE, YOU PRINGADA!Defeated the Mother Tick without taking a hit!
HAND FOR PLANTSDefeated the Scarecrow without taking a hit!
WHO IS A GOOD BOY?Finish the game without sacrificing Mushroom Boy!
THERE’S NOTHING LEFT TO … COLLECT.Defeated the Collector without taking a hit!
POOL PARTYShock an enemy with Lightning Rods while in water.
ME, JEALOUSY?Try using the Serenada and another pet at the same time …
ICEBERG RIGHT AHEAD!Get to the wreck for the first time!
ALMOST!Kill five enemies with a single throw and kick of the wrecking ball
FIREMANYou have completed the lighthouse!
WE ARE NOT FAMILYHave the leg hugger kill an armed prawn
GRAZINGHave 2 pets active at the same time
INFILTRATIONComplete the lighthouse by wearing the Servant Outfit
PUT THAT WHERE IT WAS OR YOU’LL FIND OUTHelp the shark to return to the water
OVERBOARDLaunch an enemy against the spikes using the hand hook
BLACK FLAGKill the pirate captain with the ravaged bomber
EIGHTH WONDERGet to the lighthouse for the first time!
LOOK HOW FAST THEY GROW!Evolve the leg hugger
ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICEDefeat the queen with a queen outfit
HOME STUFFDefeat the queen with the killer deck
LONG LIVE YOUR MAJESTYDefeat the queen by pushing her into the void
LILIBETDefeated the Queen without taking a hit!
YOUR MAJESTYYou have defeated the queen!
A FLASH IN THE NIGHTReach the crown for the first time!
UNWAVERING LOYALTYCompleted the Lighthouse without taking damage!

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