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Deceit 2: Review



Deceit 2 Review

Deceit 2 is the sequel to the original game that came out in 2017 and scared numerous players with its distrusting and anxious atmosphere. Well, the sequel is no different and it comes out with even more misdirection entities which keep players always in doubt who to trust, a classic Among Us experience but with more brutal executions.  Deceit 2 is a Social Deduction game developed and published by World Makers and this is our review of Deceit 2.


Deceit 2 is an online social deduction game in which 6 to 9 players join in a match from which 2 of the players are infected or imposters. The premise of the game is simple, players with a normal role have to complete missions to get access to the escape key, and the players with the infected role have to stop players from leaving. Now, there are several things in play that all players will get to use to achieve their respective goals and it is on players how well they communicate and try to outplay the horrors to get out alive.

Currently, there is only 1 map in Deceit 2, the Asylum. There are several tasks spread around in different rooms and areas of the Asylum that players will have to complete to fill the Task Completed bar to gain access to the escape key. On the other hand, the infected players need to strategize together to lure in players one by one to kill them by turning into a monster or they can choose to create various conceptions about the players they want to eliminate.

There is a chaos of misdirect and distrust in Deceit 2 and I experienced it first-hand when I got to lay on the patient bed and the person next to the screen told everyone that I was infected, and I wasn’t. From there, I tried to gain the trust of my individuals but it was only due when one of my fellow normies completed a task and bought a gun from the shop to put two bullets in my head. Yes, there is a shop in the Asylum that every player can access and buy various items from it. The shop has over 25 different items that can be used for further chaos.

As completing missions is one of the main aspects of the game, I was happy to see how much variety of mini-games are there for every task until one of my fellow normies hand-cuffed me because I was standing suspiciously. HOW CAN YOU STAND IN A SUSPICIOUS WAY, guess I would never figure that out. I only shared a couple of my experiences but don’t get me wrong because it is what makes the game great. The ongoing suspicion in everyone’s mind and continuous approach to remove the danger before they get brutally executed by the infected, and the screaming because there is a ton of it from the moment you start to the end of the match.

Performance and Proximity Chat

Unfortunately, the game is not that well-polished so you do feel frame drops from time to time especially when you do an execution on other players or get executed by the infected. There was a weird animation when my character got killed or got down every time but I got over it after a few times. The Proximity Chat works great but there were a few bugs that I witnessed during the match when other players couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear them.

Apart from these bugs, I got disconnected a few times as well and my fellow normies/infected buddy got disconnected which left me in a very chaotic situation.

Verdict – Score 7/10

Deceit 2 is a great sequel to its predecessor offering everything as the original game but more. Buying items from the shop is personally my favorite aspect as you can utilize various items to frame other players or catch the true infected players. Not only that, but the infected players can frame the normies using the items from the shop as well which just increases the possible chaotic reasons in the party. I did expect at least one more map at the launch to increase the replayability a bit more but it still does an incredible job at providing a chaotic experience among randoms and friends.

Deceit 2 is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X|S.

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