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Deliver Us Mars: How to Decrypt the Hologram



Decrypting the Hologram

Deliver Us Mars has many different puzzles that will test you but some of them are very complicated as well. Kathy will get to see holograms of A.S.E.’s which can be decrypted to see the memories in that location but it can be tricky to find the right spot to decrypt the hologram.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to decrypt the hologram in Deliver US Mars.

Decrypting the Hologram

Players will get to see the first hologram in the third chapter of the game. Players will make their way to the ARK Labos and once they get inside, they will find a hologram inside a room filled with Cryopods.

To decrypt the hologram, you will have to be in a certain spot to place all three yellow memory points in the white spherical. When the yellow memory point is in the correct position, it will turn blue. You will have to move around using AYLA and place all the memory points in their correct positions to see the memory.

If you move around too much, you might change the position of other yellow memories so the best approach to decrypt the hologram is to focus on one memory point and when it gets blue then start moving in another direction where that memory point does not change. Keep on repeating the process until all the memory points get inside the white spherical and turn blue.

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