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Diablo IV: A Merciful Fate – Quest Walkthrough



Diablo IV: A Merciful Fate – Quest Walkthrough

A Merciful Fate is the last Seasonal Quest of Season of Malignant. Players will unlock this quest once they have completed The Cold Hard Truth quest. This quest will only unveil the truth that Cormond hid from the players at the start of the storyline, and by learning the truth, the Storyline quests of Season of Malignant will be completed. This guide will cover the objectives of A Merciful Fate Seasonal Quest of Season of Malignant in Diablo IV.

A Merciful Fate – Walkthrough

There are only two objectives for this quest, which require players to meet Cormond at his Wagon and speak with him to learn the truth.

Meet Cormond at his Wagon

Cormond will go back to his Wagon after the incident in Church Undercroft. Players need to meet Cormond at his Wagon, which will be located outside of Velkhova. Teleport out of Church Undercroft and go in the west direction to find Cormond.

Speak with Cormond

Speak to Cormond to learn that Malignant will gradually diminish, and after that, select the “You never answered me. Why the lie about Varshan?” dialogue to learn the truth. Once the conversation ends, the last quest of this season will be concluded.

Once players have completed the storyline, they will still be able to get Malignant Hearts to strengthen their class and set their goal for the end-game content with Level 100. Completing the storyline will give access to all of the Malignant Tunnels spread across the World of Sanctuary, in which players can invoke a specific type of Malignant Monster or even Echo of Varshan by using the Invoker of Varshan.

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