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Diablo IV: How to Complete Malignant Tunnels



Diablo IV: How to Complete Malignant Tunnels

Malignant Tunnels are a new type of dungeons that have been added in Season of Malignant in Diablo IV. The tunnels are filled with normal demons and Malignant Monsters that players will have to engage in a fight. These new dungeons work like any other normal dungeon in the regions of the world map, but there are a few things that players will have to consider before completing them. As these dungeons are one of the main sources of getting the needed Malignant Hearts for the Class, players will have to grind in them to earn passive bonuses for their class.

If you want to know how to complete Malignant Tunnels in Season 1 of Diablo IV, then you are at the right place. We will be telling you where to find all of the Malignant Tunnels and how to complete them to earn rewards in Diablo IV.

All Malignant Tunnels in Season 1 of Diablo IV

There are 6 Malignant Tunnels in total, spread across three different regions of the World of Sanctuary. Malignant Tunnels do show on the World Map, but players would have to first find them, and the easiest way to do it is to complete the Storyline of Season 1. Throughout the main Seasonal Quests, players will get to go into all 6 Malignant Tunnels, which will be marked on the World Map for future runs. The Malignant Tunnels are marked with a normal dungeon icon with a Green Leaf on top of it. The locations of the 6 Malignant Tunnels are as follows:

  • Ravening Pit: It is located in the Desolation Reach area southeast of the Dry Steppes region.
  • Dindai Hollow: It is located north of the Forlorn Thread area in the Dry Steppes region.
  • Fissure of Malice: It is located in the Frostbite Trails area in the Fractured Peaks region.
  • The Boiling Wound: It is located within the Shivering Wilds area in the Fractured Peaks region.
  • Den of the Blighted: It is located south of the Dismal Foothills in the Hawezar region.
  • Bedeviled Grotto: It is located in the center of the Forsaken Coast in the Hawezar region.

How to Complete Malignant Tunnels in Diablo IV

To complete the Malignant Tunnels, players will have to do two things.

  • Kill all of the Malignant Monsters.
  • Find the Malignant Overgrowth and Invoke a certain type of Malignant Monster.

Like the normal dungeons, Malignant Monsters will be in various parts of the tunnels. Players need to go around every possible path of the tunnels to find and kill the Malignant Monsters. After killing the Partially Corrupted Malignant Monster, perform the ritual with the Cage of Binding to spawn a Fully Corrupted Malignant Monster. Defeat the Fully Corrupted Malignant Monster, who will drop a Caged Heart of the same type as the Monster. Get the Heart and keep following along the tunnels and repeat the process of eliminating the Malignant Monsters.

Once all of the Malignant Monsters are defeated, players need to find the Malignant Overgrowth. The Malignant Overgrowth will be somewhere along the path, and it will offer two kinds of Invoking. Players need to use the Malignant Invoker of any of the same kind. It will invoke the same type of Malignant Monster who will drop the respective type of Malignant Heart. Upon completing the Invoking Event, the Malignant Tunnel will be completed.

Diablo IV: How to Complete Malignant Tunnels

There is also a Monstrous Overgrowth that can be found in certain Malignant Tunnels. There is one in the Ravening Pit. However, the Monstrous Growth is hidden behind a Wooden Door in Malignant Tunnels, and it will always be on the altered path in the tunnel. Monstrous Overgrowth is different and deadlier than normal Malignant Overgrowth. Players can only invoke the Monstrous Overgrowth with Invoker of Varshan, which spawns Echo of Varshan, a stronger version of Varshan the Consumed. This overgrowth is not compulsory, but players can try to take on an extra challenge in these new dungeons.

Once the text “Completion of Malignant Tunnel” appears on the screen, players can leave the dungeon, and the dungeon will reset automatically after 15 minutes.”

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