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Diablo IV: How to Defeat Varshan The Consumed (Boss Fight)



All Attacks of Varshan the Consumed

Varshan The Consumed is a new boss that has been added in Season 1 of Diablo IV and can only be found in the new dungeons called Malignant Tunnels. Unlike the other bosses in normal dungeons, players will have to summon Varshan to fight him, and there are three different versions of Varshan that players can encounter depending on their World Tier Level. However, before players get to do that, they will have to progress far ahead in the main storyline of Season of Malignant.

In this guide, we will be telling you the location of Varshan, how to summon Varshan, and how to defeat Varshan in Diablo IV.

Location of Varshan The Consumed in Diablo IV

Varshan The Consumed is part of the main storyline of Season of Malignant, and players will encounter him in two different Seasonal Quests. The first encounter with Varshan The Consumed that players will experience is during the Answers in the Ashes Seasonal Quest. Defeating Varshan The Consumed will be one of the main objectives of this quest. As players progress in the Storyline, they will encounter the stronger version of Varshan the Consumed in The Cold Heart Truth Seasonal Quest.

Summon Varshan The Consumed in Diablo IV

To summon Varshan The Consumed in the Malignant Tunnels, players need to complete the Answers in the Ashes quest. Once completed, it will unlock a new recipe for the Invoker of Varshan Players need to craft the Invoker of Varshan and go to the Ravening Pit dungeon, one of the Malignant Tunnels. Go to the end of the dungeon to remove the Corruption and proceed to find two different paths. Head to the path on the left, and there will be a wooden door. Behind the wooden door lies a Monstrous Overgrowth, where the Invoker of Varshan can be used to invoke Echo of Varshan, a stronger version of Varshan The Consumed.

How to Defeat Varshan The Consumed in Diablo IV

Varshan The Consumed has several strong attacks that can build up to deal more damage and inflict Poison on the players. Before heading into the fight, players must consider some defense abilities to increase their survivability. To tackle the Poison, players can use the Elixir of Poison Resistance, which can be crafted at the Alchemist. Varshan The Consumed and Echo of Varshan can be defeated solo in World Tier I & II if players are leveled high enough and have a proper class build. However, Echo of Varshan can be a bit tricky to handle in World Tier III & IV. For higher difficulty or Hardcore mode, it is recommended to party up with other players to increase the chances of defeating Varshan.

Having a class with Crowd Control abilities is extremely useful against Varshan The Consumed. Using these abilities will not only slow down Varshan but also fill up the Stagger Bar, which will stagger Varshan and allow players to deal the maximum amount of damage without taking any damage during that small window. If players are at a party and they use Crowd Control abilities together, they will fill up the Stagger Bar more quickly. At the start of the boss fight, players must take out the spawned enemies by Varshan. Eliminating these normal enemies will prevent Varshan from creating a barrier to block the damage.

defeat varshan in diablo 4

There are three different phases of Varshan The Consumed, denoted with Triangles in Varshan’s HP bar. Depleting Varshan’s HP for each Triangle will drop Healing Potions that players need to pick up and use continuously to prevent themselves from dying. Varshan will cast his attacks more frequently as players deal more damage to him.

All Attacks of Varshan the Consumed

There are four main attacks of Varshan The Consumed that players need to watch out for throughout the fight, as all of these attacks can inflict poison and cause significant damage after build-up.

  • Tendril Swipe: Varshan will swipe his Tendrils horizontally three times. Getting hit by each tendril will deal damage and inflict damage over time. Players can use the Dash ability to move behind him to continue dealing damage.
  • Tendril Stab: Varshan will stab his Tendril in the forward direction. This attack also deals damage over time, and players can dodge it by moving either left or right.
  • Tendril Lunge: If players try to move far from Varshan, he will use his Tendrils to pull himself toward the players and strike them. Players can dodge it by using the dash ability at the right time.
  • Explosive Decay: Once players have depleted half of Varshan’s HP, he will spread decay on the ground that explodes and deals AoE damage. Players need to dodge and stay on the ground that is not decayed.

Rewards for Defeating Varshan The Consumed

Defeating Varshan The Consumed will give the following rewards to the players.

  • Recipe: Invoker of Varshan (Answers in the Ashes), Foul Invoker of Varshan (World Tier I & II), Tormented Invoker of Varshan (World Tier III)
  • Malignant Hearts
  • Gold
  • Gear
  • XP”

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