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Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Clear the Name from Refugee Camp Crime



Jagged Alliance 3 - Refugee Camp

As players unveil the story of Jagged Alliance 3, the story will take strange turns. Upon reaching and liberating the Refugee Camp, players will get accused of grassing Refugee Camp. This accusation is false and based on a complete lie. Fortunately, players will get the chance to clear their name from this crime. However, clearing the name will require players to collect several pieces of evidence which can be collected by completing quests.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to clear the name from Refugee Camp Crime in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Clear the Name from Refugee Camp Crime in Jagged Alliance 3

To clear the name from Refugee Camp Crime, players need to gather four pieces of evidence that will help players on the court to win the case and clear the name. The first evidence that players can gather easily is by talking to the Hermit. Hermit can be found in the southern part of the jungle and before going to Hermit, players need to explore the Haunted Mansion and talk to the butler. By doing this, Hermit will provide you with the first evidence.

The next piece of evidence will require players to kill the Major. It is also one of the main missions of the game and once players have killed the major, they will get the option to ask for evidence against Corazon. For the next piece of evidence, players need to kill Faucheaux. After that, they need to go up to the office of Faucheaux and decipher a pile of paper by using a Merc that has a High Leadership stat.

The last piece of evidence is obtained from Corazon herself. Confront Corazon and select the “The Truth” option to get the last piece of evidence. Once players have gathered all the required evidence, they will be able to remove their name from Refugee Camp Crime.

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