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Everything We Know So Far of Diablo IV: Season of the Malignant



Diablo IV: Season of the Malignant

The very first seasonal addition to Diablo IV is coming this very month and as the developers have promised they have added a new seasonal character for this Season along with a lot of content for players to explore. The seasonal content is different from the original game and players will be able to pursue the Seasonal Content in its own Realm known as the “Seasonal Realm”. This Realm will contain all of the new content along with the campaign content in it so if any player wants to complete the campaign with the new Seasonal Character, they can do that as well.

The official announcement of Season of the Malignant has been made by the Diablo team and they have put out the new trailer for it as well which shows a lot of information on what this season is about and what players will be doing in it. We will be highlighting all of the things we know so far about Diablo IV: Season of the Malignant.

Diablo IV: Season of the Malignant

From the very first view of the new season trailer from the Diablo team, it is confirmed that a new enemy type named “Malignant” has been introduced in the season that players will take on. These new Malignant enemies are Malignant monsters that players will have to defeat while following the new questline in the season. The Malignant Monsters are not of one kind but of two kinds, and the devs call them Partially Corrupted and Fully Corrupted.

Players will have to take the hearts of the Partially Corrupted Malignant Monsters and use the quest item with their hearts to perform a ritual. The ritual will turn the Malignant Monsters into a Fully Corrupted form that players will have to take down. It will reward players with a new Malignant item drop that can be used in the slots of the weapons to enhance their stats, very similar to the Gem system in the Eternal Realm of Diablo IV.

Along with the new enemies, there is also new content for the dungeons of the World of Sanctuary that are marked as the Malignant Tunnels. These are the replayable dungeons that players can partake in to take down the hounds of Malignant Monsters. A new world boss named “Varshan the Consumed” also has been added to the Season of the Malignant whose whereabouts are unknown.

How’s the Battle Pass Work?

Along with the first season, there is also a Battle Pass with the season with 90 rewarding tiers for the players. However, not all of the tiers are for free because, like any other game with a Battle Pass System, there is a free tier system and paid tier system. There are 27 free tiers in the Battle Pass that will give rewards to the players who have the free version of the battle pass whereas, the players who have spent real money on the Battle Pass will get 63 premium rewards along with 27 free rewards.

To buy the Battle Pass, players will be needing a premium currency named “Platinum”. Players will be needing 1,000 Platinum Currency to buy the premium version of the battle pass which costs $10 USD in Real Money. Additionally, players can also choose to buy the Accelerated version of the Battle Pass which allows players to skip and earn up to tier 20 rewards from the beginning. The Accelerated version of the Battle Pass costs 2,800 Platinum which costs $24.99 USD in real money. The players who have already bought the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of Diablo IV will already have access to the Premium Battle Pass and they only have to redeem it in the Shop Menu under the Seasons Tab. The Premium Battle Pass will contain the following rewards for the players.

  • Emotes
  • Weapon and Armor Skins
  • Markings
  • Smoldering Ashes
  • Platinum

Players will be able to progress through the Battle Pass by earning “Favor”. This will be earned as players progress through the season and to speed up the process of Battle Pass, players can complete the objectives listed in the “Season Journey”.

That is all we have known so far of the first season of Diablo IV: Season of the Malignant. The Season of the Malignant is set to be released on July 20, 2023. There is still time in the season and if you are one of the players who want to get an advantage from the start of the new season then you can check our guide on Things that are Important to do before 1st Season starts of Diablo IV.

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