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Diablo IV – Things That Are Important to Do Before 1st Season Starts



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Diablo just announced its first seasonal content addition to Diablo IV where players will be able to explore and follow through the whole new content. The first Season of Diablo IV is called “Season of the Malignant” which includes a new enemy type named Malignant that players will have to fight. As the developers break down the aspects of the new season, it is pretty clear that players will only be able to use only Seasonal Characters in the “Seasonal Realm” that comes with the new season. So, all the main characters of the “Eternal Realm” are not playable in the season. Not only that but other things will not carry over to the season such as Gold, Weapons, and items in Storage Chests.

However, the things that do carry over to the season are the ones that players should be focused on before the season starts. It will allow players to have an advantage right from the beginning of the season and would help players to get around the World of Sanctuary easily.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you about the things that are important to do before 1st season starts of Diablo IV.

Important Things to Do Before Season of the Malignant Starts

Before the Season of the Malignant commences and players take control of the new Seasonal characters, they should complete the following tasks. These will carry over to the Season and will grant players more freedom in the Seasonal Realm.

1. Complete the Campaign

The most crucial task for all players is to complete the campaign. This will allow players to skip the campaign for other created characters in the Seasonal Realm, just as it does in the Eternal Realm. Players who have already completed the campaign will save significant time in the Seasonal Realm, enabling them to focus entirely on the Seasonal content and quests.

2. Unlock the Whole Map

One of the other most important things that will carry over to the Season of the Malignant is the discovered map. Discovering the map removes the Fog of War which hides all of the areas and points of interest of the world. If players remove all of the Fog from the World Map, they would be able to see each and every area clearly along with all of the possible dungeons in each region. As the new season has a ton of dungeon content, it would be easier for the players to navigate through the World of Sanctuary to find their objectives.

3. Unlock Extra Potions and Ability Points

Players should focus on unlocking the Extra Potions to increase their survivability as well as the Extra Ability Points to unlock new abilities. Both of these will carry over to the characters in the Seasonal Realm that players will create. By doing that, players will have the advantage of all 9 Potions at their disposal as well as test out new abilities of the new character to take down the new enemy types.

4. Unlock Altars of Lilith

There are over 100 Altars of Lilith spread across all regions of the World of Sanctuary. Players can unlock them by interacting with them to gain extra Stats for the character. These stats will also carry over to the character of the Seasonal Realm and as players create their character in the Seasonal Realm, they will start with the additional stats earned by unlocking the Altars of Lilith.

5. Unlock the Mount

The players who have completed the main story would have unlocked the Mount as well but players who haven’t unlocked it yet, should because the ability to call the mount will carry over to Seasonal Realm as well. The mount is originally unlocked in the Act IV of the main story and once players have the mount, they will be able to call it and use it in the Seasonal realm with the new character and traverse the World of Sanctuary more quickly.

6. Claim Regional Renown Rewards

Each region of the World of Sanctuary gives out certain rewards for completing certain tasks. Players can claim these rewards after completing the rewards that will carry over to the Seasonal Realm as well. However, there is an exception to it. Not all the regional renown carries over to the Seasonal Realm but only Altars of Lilith and Areas Discovered renown will carry over.

7. Unlock Waypoints of All Major Cities

One last thing that will carry over to the Seasonal Realm is the Waypoints of all the Major Cities of the World of Sanctuary. Players should explore every region and unlock every possible waypoint of the major city to unlock the ability to fast-travel in the Seasonal Realm right from the start.

With about two weeks left before the Season of the Malignant commences players have ample time to catch up on everything that is important to do before the start of the season. The Season of the Malignant launches on July 20, 2023.

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