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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get Sun Pumpkin



TOTK: How to Get Sun Pumpkin

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has various food items and ingredients that players can get while exploring the Hyrule World. However, not all of the materials and food items can be obtained from somewhere open in an area as some of them require a progression in the game to unlock them. One of the exotic food items for which players will have to make progress is Sun Pumpkin. Sun Pumpkin is an exotic type of Pumpkin that mainly recovers the damaged hearts of Gloom. The Fortified Pumpkin is the regular pumpkin that players can obtain from the regular grounds of the Hyrule World but in order to unlock the Sun Pumpkin, players will have to complete a full chain of side quests.

Wanting to know how you can unlock and get Sun Pumpkin then you are at the right place as we will be telling how players can unlock and get Sun Pumpkin in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Unlock Sun Pumpkin in Tears of the Kingdom

The Sun Pumpkin can only be found in Hateno Village located on the Southeast side of the Hyrule World. Players will have to complete the Mayoral Election quests that will include quests for Cece and Reede, two NPCs. Players will have to complete the 5 following quests to get to the next step of unlocking the Sun Pumpkin.

  • A Letter to Koyin
  • A New Signature Food
  • Cece’s Secret,
  • Reede’s Secret
  • Team Cece or Team Reede?

Upon completing the Mayoral Election questline, a new quest will unlock named “Homegrown in Hateno”.It will be given by Reede standing in the Pumpkin orchard. As players talk to Reede, he will tell them about the monsters that attack the orchard during the nighttime. Players will have to fight the monsters and protect Reede until the nighttime passes. Once the players have completed this quest as well, Reede will tell them about the new Sun Pumpkin and give 5 Sun Pumpkins as a reward to the players.

Homegrown in Hateno quest

How to Get Sun Pumpkin in Tears of the Kingdom

Once players have completed the Mayoral Election questline and Homegrown in Hateno quest of Reede, the Sun Pumpkin will get available for purchase at the General Store in Hateno Village. Players will be able to get the Sun Pumpkin for 20 Rupees each from the General Store.

Buy Sun Pumpkin

Another way to get Sun Pumpkin is by growing them on your own. In order to do that, players will have to talk to Uma, a farmer in Hateno Village. By talking to her, players will be able to give her Pumpkins that she will plant and grow more in numbers. However, the growth of the Pumpkins or any other crops takes actual 48+ hours in-game that cannot be spent sleeping or passing time. It means players will have to play the game for more than 48 hours to get the Pumpkins.

Players can eat the Pumpkins as it is which only regenerates half of a heart but if players cook the Sun Pumpkin, it will regenerate only 1 broken Heart of Gloom which is 1/3 of what the Sundelion plant heals.

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