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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How to Upgrade Armor



TOTK: How to Upgrade Armor

Looking to learn how you can upgrade Link’s Armor in Tears of the Kingdom then you are at the right place. As players will be traveling across the Hyrule World along with Depths and the Sky Islands, it is very important to enhance the armor to make Link absorb more hits from the enemies to increase survivability.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to Upgrade Amor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Upgrade Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

Upgrading Armor in Tears of the Kingdom is done by unlocking the Great Fairies of the Hyrule World. There are four Great Fairies that players can find scattered throughout the Hyrule World. Tera is the eldest Great fairy and her sisters are Cotera, Kaysa, and Mija who all will upgrade Link’s Armor in Tears of the Kingdom. The Players who are familiar with the Breath of the Wild would remember the Great Fairies as they are the ones who upgrade the armor in BOTW as well.

Upon unlocking any Great Fairy in Tears of the Kingdom, players will be able to interact with her which opens up the menu for upgrading the armor pieces. Upgrading the Armor would require certain Materials along with different amounts of Rupees (Money). Money can vary from 10 Rupees to 500 Rupees depending upon the Armor Type and Level. The upgrading of a Higher-Level Armor set would require rare materials and more money which can create difficulties but it is still worth upgrading the armor sets as they will allow Link to tank more shots.

How to Find the Great Fairies

Upgrading the Armor sets is pretty straightforward in TOTK but before players get to that, they will have to find the Great Fairies. Now, finding Great Fairies in BOTW was simple because it only requires Rupees to call them out of their Great Fairy Fountains. However, in TOTK it is different. The Great Fairy requires soothing music provided by The Stable Trotters, a musical band. In order to do so, players would have to complete a couple of quests that eventually unlock the first and eldest Great Fairy, Tera.

Players need to start the side quest named “Potential Princess Sightings” at the Lucky Clover Gazette which is located on the Northeast side of the map. Follow through the quest and make your way to the Woodland Stable where another side quest will start named “Serenade to a Great Fairy”. Players will have to fix the carriage of the band and then take them to the Great Fairy. Completing this quest will unlock the first fairy for the players and in order to unlock the rest of the three fairies, players would have to help the band again three times so that they can play the music for the fairies.

Unlocking all four fairies can be pretty useful because it allows them to upgrade the armor set to the maximum level. At the start, an armor set would only be upgraded to a few levels but as players unlock more fairies, the upgrade levels of the armor sets would also increase.

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