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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete “Teach Me a Lesson 1” Side Quest



TOTK: Teach me a lesson 1

Trying to find the picture for the side quest named “Teach Me a Lesson 1” in Tears of the Kingdom then you are at the right place. Teach Me a Lesson 1 is a side quest given by a teacher named “Symin” at the Hateno School which is located on the Southeast side of the Hyrule World. Talking to Symin will give a quest in which the teacher requires an elaborate picture of the screen depicting the Calamity. As the quest did not show the location of an area in which players want to take the picture, it can be pretty difficult to find the right location.

Worry not because we got you covered and we will be telling you the exact location and item that you need to take the picture to complete Teach Me a Lesson 1 in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Complete Teach Me a Lesson 1 in Tears of the Kingdom

The Hateno School starts at 9:00 am and players will have to get to the school in time to talk to the teacher to start the quest. Once the quest has been accepted, players need to go to the Kakariko Village located in the Northwest direction of Hateno School. Kakariko Village is near the Latern Lake area and players need to head inside Paya’s House in Kakariko Village.

Open the door to go inside the house and then head up the stairs to reach the main room. Look to the left side of the stairs immediately after getting up and you will notice an old picture posted on the frame. Hold down the L Button and select the Camera. Take a picture of it and save it to the gallery.

Now, you need to go back to the Hateno Village before school time ends and talk to the teacher to conclude the quest. It is a very short quest but it can be stressful finding the picture because it is hidden inside a random house and not out in the open world.

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