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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the Giant White Stallion Horse



TOTK: how to get Giant White Stallion

Giant White Stallion is one of the Horse Types in Tears of the Kingdom that players can tame and ride. It is the biggest horse of all of the other horse types in the game and if you are wondering how you can get yourself one then you are at the right place.

We will be telling you how you can get yourself a Giant White Stallion Horse in Tears of the Kingdom.

Giant White Stallion Location in Tears of the Kingdom

Like the rest of the Horse Types in Tears of the Kingdom, the Giant White Stallion also has a separate spawn point where players will have to travel to find it. The location of the Giant White Stallion is at the very bottom of the map near the Lake of the Horse God. Players will have to get to the Highland Stable and then ride towards the south and cross the Horse God Bridge to get to the Giant White Stallion location.

How to Get the Giant White Stallion Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

Once players have reached the location of the Giant White Stallion, they will have to tame it before riding it just like the rest of the horses. However, taming the Giant White Stallion will consume the most Stamina than any other horse. It almost takes up to full three bars of Stamina. Most of the players will not have that much stamina so what they need to do is to use the Stamina Elixirs to regenerate stamina while taming the horse. It will allow them to tame the horse successfully without being thrown off from its back.

Players will not have to sneak behind it as the Giant White Stallion does not run away. Simply go near it and quickly press the A Button to mount it. After that, keep pressing the L Button to tame it and use the Stamina Elixir upon the need to successfully tame the Giant White Stallion. After taming the Giant White Stallion, players can take it to the Stable to register it so that they don’t have to repeat the process of taming it.

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