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Diablo IV – The Cold Hard Truth – Quest Walkthrough



Diablo IV – The Cold Hard Truth – Quest Walkthrough

The Cold Hard Truth is the second-to-last Seasonal Quest of Season of Malignant. Players will unlock this quest once they have completed the Ruins of the Faith quest. This quest will lead players to the end of the storyline of the first season and encounter Varshan The Consumed for the last time. Varshan The Consumed will be stronger than the first-time players fighting him, so it is best to go prepared to complete the quest. This guide will cover all the objectives of The Cold Heart Truth Seasonal Quest of Season of Malignant in Diablo IV.

The Cold Heart Truth – Walkthrough

Once players have captured the Superior Cage from the Chamber in Karamat’s Reach, Cormond will go back to his village where it all began. Players need to go to Velkhova to find Cormond and speak to him to start the quest.

Clear the Malignant from Velkhova

Velkhova is corrupted with Malignant, and players will take down Malignant in all the marked areas on the mini-map. Go to each area and destroy the Malignant Corruption along with Malignant Monsters to clear the area. Once players have cleared the area, they need to go back and speak with Cormond.

Enter the Church Undercroft and Find the Ritual Site

Go to the Church marked on the mini-map and interact with it to enter the Church Undercroft. To find the Ritual Site, players need to go along the path until they reach a ladder. Go down the ladder and follow the path to find a Healing Well. Take a left from the Healing Well to find the Ritual Site. However, there will be several enemies along the way that players should consider eliminating before entering the ritual site.

Prepare the Ritual and Defend Cormond

After finding the Ritual Site, speak with Cormond and destroy the Malignant Corruption on the site. Now, interact with all three cauldrons on the site to place Ritual Incenses in them. Speak with Cormond to start the summoning, and while Cormond completes the Ritual, players need to defend him from the enemies.

Kill Varshan

Once the ritual has been completed, Varshan The Consumed will be summoned. It is the last encounter with Varshan in the storyline, and he will be stronger than ever.

Capture Varshan’s Heart and Check on Cormond

Upon defeating Varshan, his Heart will drop on the site. Players need to interact with it to capture it in the Superior Cage. After that, players need to check on Cormond by speaking with him.

Go through the dialogues, and the quest will be concluded.

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