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The Expanse: A Telltale Series – Episode 1 – Walkthrough



The Expanse: A Telltale Series - Episode 1

The Expanse: A Telltale Series is an episodic adventure and a prequel to the television series The Expanse. The first episode of the Telltale series is available.

in this guide, we’ll be covering the first episode of The Expanse: A Telltale Series and explaining the main choices.

The Expanse: A Telltale Series – Episode 1 Walkthrough

The episode begins with a suspenseful scene in which Cox getting is getting ejected into space by Drummer. Before the action takes place, the game will go back to 8 hours where Cox and Drummer are celebrating. Players will get to choose the following choices in this scenario.

Dialogue: “I knew you were worth more. Anybody who could piss off someone that dangerous must be pretty fucking valuable.”


  • Anyone could piss off Dawes.
  • You don’t own me.

Select any choice to pursue the scene.

Dialogue: “Now Drink.”


  • Drink the scotch.
  • I’ll celebrate later.

Select any choice to pursue the scene.

Brief Khan

Go to Khan to start briefing him.

Dialogue: “Oh dear. I made the lackey upset. Forgive me.”


  • Let her have it.
  • Play it off.

Select any choice to pursue the scene.

Go to the Command Console and interact with it and then go to the Ladder to get to Officer Deck.

Brief The Twins

Go straight from the officer deck and turn towards the Mess Hall to get to the Twins. The brothers will be fighting and players will get to select a normal choice.

Dialogue: “Shit it, to kaka!”


  • I’m enjoying this.
  • Cut this shit out.

Select any choice to pursue the scene.


Dialogue: “Just like Cares, bossing everyone around. Only this time, no Dawes to keep you on the leash, yeah?”


  • Punch him: Drummer Punch Arlen.
  • Ignore him. Drummer Ignore Arlen.

Each choice will have a consequence later in the episode.

Brief Virgil

Go out in the main hall and go towards the Medbay to get to Virgil. Virgil is working on a laser and players will get to choose a normal choice in the scene.

Dialogue: “It’s been giving abnormal readings since Ceres, but I finally know why. The laser crystal is badly occluded.”


  • Maya can fix it.
  • Can it be replaced?

Select any choice to pursue the scene.

Suit Up

Go to the main hall and turn towards the Crew Quarters to get to the Vac Suit. Interact with the Vac Suit to suit up. Drummer will go to Maya before heading out into the space and players will get the choices.

Dialogue: “Fucking make me.”


  • Mouthy Martian.
  • Dumbass Engineer.

Select any scene to pursue the scene.

The first QTE of the game will take place in which players will have to press the button on the screen before the time runs out. Completing the QTE successfully will let Maya defeat Drummer in a friendly match.

After the QTE, players will get the normal choice.

Dialogue: “That was a good move”


  • A little cheap.
  • A little weak.

Select any choice to pursue the scene.

The crew will go to a nearby spaceship to salvage the useful parts and find some unusual happenings in there.

Navigate through Engineering

After reaching the spaceship, players need to open the Bulkhead Door. Press the F button to highlight the objective and interact with the door to open it. Press the Space Button to lift in the air and use the Jet Pack to go through the Engineering. Interact with another door ahead to open it.

Find an Officer’s Hand

Go to the hard left after opening the door and land on the first platform on the land. Go ahead into the area and use the jet pack to go up to a corpse in the air and search the corpse to get the Officer’s Hand.

Help Rayen

After getting Officer’s Hand, Rayen will get stuck and ask for help. Use the Jet Pack and go to the platform in front of the area and keep following the marker of the objective to get to Rayen.

Major Choice

Upon getting to Rayen. Players will get two choices which will have a major impact on the story of the episode.

  • Lose the Vault: Drummer will release the Vault free into space and save Rayen safe and sound. However, the supplies will be lost.
  • Lose Rayen’s Leg: Drummer will cut Rayen’s leg off and save the Vault of supplies.

Open Door to Officer’s Quarters

Press the F button to mark the objective and fly to the 46 platform and follow the marker to reach Officer’s Quarters. Interact with the door to open it. Now, players will have to explore the Officer’s Quarters. Go to the room ahead to find Captain’s Corpse. Interact with the Captain’s body to find a keycard. Now, go to the room next to it to find two paintings in it. Interact with the yellow painting and cut it from the left side to find a hidden safe. Unlock the safe with Captain’s Keycard to find a chip.

Access Fusion Coupling

Use the jet Pack and follow the marker to get to the Fusion Coupling and a QTE will begin. Players need to press the buttons on the screen to complete the QTE.

Confront Cox

Cox will be giving a speech to the rest of the crew about the passing of Drummer and Drummer will confront Cox in which players will get to select the following choices.

Dialogue: “That’s right, bosmang. I Keep my eyes forward, but that makes it a lot harder to watch my back.”


  • Confess!
  • You’re fucked.

Dialogue: “So what? I was setting new coordinates. How was I supposed to know you were on the hull?”


  • Check the logs.
  • Not an idiot.

Dialogue: “Can you believe this bullshit? You’ve been planning this since you first stepped on board this ship, haven’t you? Mutinous bitch.”


  • Ask yourselves who you trust.
  • He tried to kill me.

Dialogue: “Oh god. I’m so sorry.”


  • Do your job.
  • Not your fault.

All the confronting choices will not make any difference. Cox will still end up in the airlock.

Major Choice

  • Space him: Drummer will eject Cox from the airlock.
  • Throw him in the Brig: Drummer will open the airlock and let the twins tie up Cox.

The last scene of episode 1 plays out and the episode concludes.

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