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Remnant 2: How to Get the Assassin’s Dagger



Remnant 2: How to Get the Assassin's Dagger

The Assassin’s Dagger is one of the Melee Weapons in the game, which is lightweight and silent, making it perfect for killing enemies stealthily. It is a great weapon for stealth builds, dealing a high amount of damage with a bleeding effect, especially effective when striking enemies from behind. If you want to know how to obtain the Assassin’s Dagger for your archetype, you are at the right place. We will tell you how to get the Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2.

How to Get the Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2

The Assassin’s Dagger can only be obtained by crafting at Nimue’s Retreat with a quest item known as the “Assassin Dagger.” So, before players can craft the Assassin’s Dagger, they need to acquire the Assassin Dagger (quest item).

How to Get the Assassin's Dagger in Remnant 2

How to Get Assassin Dagger in Remnant 2

The Assassin Dagger is located behind the statue in the throne room of the One True King. The Throne Room of the One True King is situated in the Council Tribunal of the Council Chamber in the Losomn World. To reach the location of the Assassin Dagger, players need to start The Fae Council Event, a questline that tasks players with finding the imposter who killed the One True King.

Go to the Council Chamber and interact with the Black Mirror to access the Council Tribunal. Proceed along the path, eliminating enemies along the way, until you reach the High Councilors’ Chairs. Players will need to solve the puzzle of the High Councilors’ Chairs to open the gate to the Throne Room. Go up the staircase and enter the room. Climb on the back of the statue and jump on the ledge to find the Assassin’s Seal, a ring that gives a passive buff of reducing enemy awareness range by 25%, which works greatly with the Assassin’s Dagger. Now, jump to the back of the statue to pick up the Assassin Dagger (quest item). Players can then choose to use the Assassin Dagger to accuse the correct conspirator of the council, or they can simply go to Nimue’s Retreat to craft the Assassin’s Dagger. However, if players accuse the wrong imposter, it will trigger a boss fight.

How to Get Assassin Dagger in Remnant 2

Upon bringing back the Assassin Dagger to Nimue, talk to her and select the Assassin’s Dagger to craft it with the Assassin Dagger quest item. After that, equip the Assassin’s Dagger to a melee weapon slot to use it.

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