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Diablo IV: Best Rogue Early & Mid-Game Leveling Build for Season 1



Diablo IV: Best Rogue Early & Mid-Game Leveling Build for Season 1

Rogue is the fastest and most mobile class in Diablo IV that can leave enemies vulnerable and open to free damage very swiftly. It is one of the top-picked classes for Season 1 of Diablo IV due to obvious reasons and there are a couple of leveling builds that players can choose to build with Rogue to reach Level 50 quickly. The top 2 builds for Rogue after the Nerf are either Penetrating Shot or Twisting Blades. However, in some cases, Twisting Blades build stands out from Penetrating Shot and provide much more Crowd Control which makes it easier for the players and party members to take out vulnerable enemies.

This guide will be focused on Rogue Twisting Blade Leveling Build for Season 1 and covers all the Active and Passive Skills to choose to make this build in Diablo IV.

Best Rogue Early & Mid-Game Leveling Build

Rogue’s Twisting Blades build specializes in dealing with AoE damage with fast movement. As Rogue does not have that much of defensive skills, it is important for Rogue to move swiftly around the enemies and leave them vulnerable. While leveling up players will not be able to deal much damage to the enemies especially, Malignant Monsters but as players level up to Level 5, it is important to grab the Twisting Blades’s ability to deal damage more frequently. It is the first step of this build and players will have to spend the Ability Points in the following Active and Passive Skills to complete the build.

Active Skills

The main skills that players need to unlock for Twisting Blades are the following:

  • Puncture: Enhanced – Fundamental
  • Twisting Blades: Enhanced – Advanced
  • Shadow Step: Enhanced – Methodical
  • Dash: Enhanced – Disciplined
  • Dark Shroud: Enhanced – Subverting
  • Shadow Imbuement: Enhanced – Blended

Passive Skills

The following passive skills will help regen Energy more quickly as well as increase Movement Speed.

  • Sturdy
  • Siphoning Strikes
  • Weapon Mastery
  • Exploit
  • Malice
  • Shadow Crash
  • Consuming Shadows
  • Precision Imbuement
  • Innervation
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Haste
  • Momentum

During the first 25 Levels of grinding, players need to spend points in the Active Skills and make sure to unlock the Advanced Twisting Blades as soon as possible. After that, unlock the rest of the Active Skills along with starting Passive Skills. Upon unlocking all 6 abilities, spend future ability points in the passive skills to gain bonuses in terms of regenerating Energy more swiftly and increasing Movement Speed during attacks.

diablo 4 build for season 1

Required Malignant Hearts

To buff up the build further, players can choose to socket the following Malignant Hearts on their jewelry.

  • Caged Heart of the Vile Apothecary
  • Caged Heart of the Creeping Death
  • Caged Heart of the Barber

All three of these Malignant Hearts are of Wrathful type and players will be able to get them as they focus on grinding the Malignant Hearts in the Malignant Tunnels by using the Wrathful Invoker on Malignant Overgrowths.

That is all related to the Best Rogue Early & Mid-Game Leveling Build for Season 1 which mainly focuses on Twisting Blades. Using this build is not only fun but also unstoppable as players will be dealing massive AoE damage to enemies and leveling up.

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