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Diablo IV: How to Get Malignant Hearts



Diablo IV: How to Get Malignant Hearts

Malignant Hearts are new socketed items that have been introduced in Season 1 of Diablo IV and they are a core mechanic in the season which will allow players to buff up their class with certain synergies. Like the Gems in the Eternal Realm that grant certain bonuses, Malignant Hearts are equipped to the sockets of Rings and other Jewelry to get bonuses. However, there are several Malignant Hearts in the 1st season which are divided into four different types and players will have to get the Malignant Hearts that are suitable for their class.

If you are looking for a way to get Malignant Hearts more often in your playthrough then we will help you get them. We’ll be telling you how to get Malignant Hearts and all types of Malignant Hearts in Diablo IV.

How to Get Malignant Hearts in Diablo IV

Malignant Hearts can be obtained in two different ways in Season of Malignant. The original way to get Malignant Hearts is to kill the stronger version of the Malignant Monster which would be the Fully Corrupted Malignant Monster. The other way to get Malignant Hearts is to craft them at Cormond’s Workbench.

While engaging with a Malignant Monster, the monster will be in a Partly Corrupted form and will drop a Malignant Heart but it cannot be socketed into the jewelry. Players can pick up the partly corrupted Malignant Heart but it is required to perform a ritual on it to cast a Fully Corrupted Malignant Monster. To do the ritual, players will be needing the Cage of Binding which can be learned from Cormond during the Burning from Within Seasonal quest. Upon using the Cage of Binding on the dropped Malignant Heart, a Fully Corrupted Malignant Monster will spawn at its location. After defeating the fully corrupted Malignant Monster, it will drop a Malignant Heart that can be socketed into Jewelry. The heart will be displayed as a “Caged Heart” and will be of a random type.

How to Get Malignant Hearts in Diablo IV

To craft the Malignant Hearts, players will be needing the Ichor which is used as crafting materials. Ichor is obtained from completing certain events or completing the Malignant Tunnels. Players will be needing 35 Ichor of the other two colored Hearts to craft a Malignant Heart of choice. Malignant Hearts are crafted at Cormond’s Workbench which can be found outside of Orbei in the Dry Steppes region.

All Types of Malignant Hearts in Diablo IV

There are four types of Malignant Hearts and a total of 36 different Malignant Hearts in Diablo IV. Not all classes can use every Malignant Heart as they are bound to socket the one that is eligible for the class to get the bonuses.

  • Vicious Heart – Offensive Power
  • Brutal Heart – Defensive Power
  • Devious Heart – Utility Power
  • Wrathful Heart – Super Power

Each type of Malignant Heart is dropped from its respective Malignant Monster type. As an example, Brutal Malignant Monster will drop Brutal Heart which is a Blue Color Heart and can only be infested in Blue Color Jewelry. Meaning players will have to get a certain color of Jewelry and hunt down the respective monster to gain the right type of Malignant Heart.

malignannt heart

To search for a certain type of Monster, it is best to craft the respective type of Malignant Invoker and then use them at the end of the Malignant Tunnels on Malignant Overgrowth to invoke the respective Malignant Monster. After defeating the monster, a Malignant Heart of the same type will be dropped. The best place to farm the Malignant Hearts is also the new Malignant Tunnels scattered throughout the World of Hatred. These tunnels are replayable dungeons and are filled with several Malignant Monsters.

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